Heartache/blah season?

  • I have noooooooooooooo idea what's going on lately but I, along with 2 other ladies are absolutely feeling stuck in a rut. Heartaches, needing change of scenery and crowd. Is this a season or something? I have seriously never felt this way before. I"m a novemeber 18, 1977 baby... any other scorps out there going through these shenanigans???? Anyone have any advice? I'm just beat! lol (but still happy and optimistic!)

  • Yes, this is a general thing going on with everyone lately, regardless of your astrological sign. Some people are stuck in a rut because there is something they have not let go of. Those of us who have let go are still feeling that general malaise and anxiety over when is the something "new" going to begin? The messages I keep getting are to just get out and do something fun to switch the energy. Inner child type stuff....

  • Lol, definitely trying that. I just feel like I need to switch tracks... It's interesting how I feel like I need to be more proactive at this point. I'm bummed it's happeningto others but I'm also glad I'm not alone in it... :0). I'm looking forward to sunny days again!!! Lol

  • From an article I read this morning...

    "Right now is an excellent time to get your bearings in a new way...this means having a grounded spiritual focus. It means developing the courage to sit where you do in a timeless way - without complaining about how long things have been so bad and without fantasies about the future."

    Thought it was apropos!

  • Pluto---has brought the God of the underworl. It's a scary time but offers "liberation". We are all being urged to let go of something that no longer works for us. Already the vibes have let go of fear and fill us with can do and validation. Of course that first shift ruffled us--like not wanting to go to a new school--we got tummy aches---sprained an ankle---dragged our feet a bit but the cosmos has spoken and for those who listen this can be a great time of change as the universe is fueling our big leap. BE BRAVE! And listen to your dreams---BLESSINGS!

  • well put blmoon!!! I have forced myself to do something fun & different this past sat. It was fun going to the college football game the scenery was good!!!! I am so glad the autumn is almost here!!

  • Hi all, This was soooo amazing, this season, this shift, this change. I noticed it in so so so so sooooooo many people! Seems like everything is going swimmingly now, the stress has lessened, I know I have my priorities in better order... mostly :). Now though, I"m getting wrenches thrown in the gears. It's kind of funny. Here's what happened.

    So I went through a divorce recently...about a year ago. Then I met this guy, it was a weird situation, he kept me at an incredible distance. I broke it off with him months ago, meet this great guy, and all of the sudden, guy number one comes back to me a different person. He wants time together, even talking about future. Everything I wanted from him previously he's now wanting himself. Only now I'm frustrated enough with him that I'm not sure I trust it.

    I"m spinning trying to figure out what the heck is going on! He's 40 and born June 7. Is there something going on with Gemeni's right now? I have no idea why the shift happened with this guy. Maybe he was just jealous of the new guy? I don't understand men.

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