Advice please?

  • Hello all. New to the forum. But I'm desperate for advice. I am a cancer female (07/06/86) and I was dating a scorpio male (10/29/86). Everything was fantastic for the the first month and a half. He would say good morning and good night to me everyday. But then the constant chatter began to grow scarce. I thought nothing of it. After all he has his life, I have my life. But then the contact disappeared all together. I didn't bother trying to initiate any contact because I figured he needed sometime to himself. After all I didn't want to seem clingy. But then a week passed, so I decided to say hello and find out how he's been. I then get a flood of texts stating he's been busy w/ all sorts of stuff that I honestly thought was just excuses. So then I asked him straight forward, why he has been distant? I did not gt a text back. Then I waited an hour and text him again. He apologized for not giving me a quick response. But still did not give me an answer. So I end the conversation with "if you want to talk, you can call me." He says, yea i will call you in a bit. And does not end up calling at all. It has been over a week since the last conversation. I decided to let things be and not contact him. But it still bothers me. Since the last time we talked he has mentioned how he missed me. I am just so confused as to why he has disappeared on me.

    I am wondering if it has anything to do with scorpio males, just needing their space and being m.i.a. at times.

    Anyone want to give me any advice?

  • CoolCancer86

    I sense that the scorpio man just was not on the same page with you emotionally. He finds you interesting and was not looking for anything on a permanant side of a relationship. You stated that you have your life and I feel that you like quiet time alone and thought he does too.

    You have done noting that would scare him or dissade him. He simply is just not going to hook up with you long term. You more than likely will hear from him again and if you want more of the same reconnect with him, if not than there is a man coming in around you with light hair and eyes and he has something to do with a farm or farmlife. He will be a water sign also but one in which you can rely upon. He will be a bit more talkie than you they say if that can happen. lol and he does love to wear jeans and be out of doors. He is a man of about thirty and he is looking for that special somone which just could be you. Look for him to come into your life around Feb 2012 if not sooner.

    I am a clairvoyant reader on this site when time allows.


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