Is she cheating...

  • I have a friend who i did a spread for an i dont want to give them the wrong information...

    this is what i got please help me out!!

    I posted the following spread awhile back in this thread.

    I basically took a lot of people's ideas (Cat, SilentBreeze, le fey, rwcarter, afrosaxon, BeyondTheVeil, etc) from this Collaborative Spread Creation Thread and threw my own ideas into the mix. This is what I came up with. Modify to suit your own needs.

    My Fidelity Clarification Spread (8) by Glass Owl






    1. Current state of the relationship: Five of pentacles -

    One is suffering from money problems the other one feels as if they are always bailing them out

    2 Partner's view of fidelity in this relationship: knight of cups

    they are prone to fantasy??? they need to keep a more level look

    3. his view of fidelity in this relationship: two of swords

    he is blinded towards something...

    4. Why the Querent suspects their partner has cheated on them in the past 3 months or that their partner will cheat on them in the next 3 months.* Death?

    and ending to something....which lead him to believe ?

    5. What the Querent needs to know about the partner's fidelity or lack thereof High priestess..

    Theres a secret he doesnt know about..that he should..

    6. The most important thing the Querent needs to know about what's going on with the partner. Three of pentacles

    theres a third party who has a solid foundation with the couple...

    7. What does the querent need to know most about dealing with the situation** Moon Magician...

    Theres a third party MOST definately and theres a secret ....and someones being manipulative...

    8. How will the relationship change/not change in the next 3 months* six of wands

    he will end up being the one successful in the end?

    .... thoughts please help me 😞

  • Ummmmmmm, did you have permission to do this spread? Sorry, but it feels like the person doing the manipulating was the one pulling the cards. This spread has an "icky" energy attached to someone was snooping where they were not invited...

  • yes i had permission to do it.

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