Blmoon, I need your insight and guidance

  • Hi,

    I am on the crossroad right now. I am confused and I don't know what to do. Please, help me.

    I am planning to change employers..In fact, today I filed my application in one of the placement agencies here. I want to work as Elderly Carer or a Caregiver..What can you say about it?

    I took a short term Pharmacy Tech course and preparing for the Pharmacy Tech Certification Board Examination. When do you think is the best Date for me to take the exam. Will I pass it and be Certified?

    What can you say about my lovelife? When will I meet my soulmate or my "Mr Right"?

    What can you say about the guy I met on September 1st, please?.

    Thank you so much Blmoon. More power to you?



  • I'm afraid I won't be able to please you with answers. Sorry. I feel your energy is very contradicting and fast moving. You change a lot--ideas come and go---you are very restless and any outside influences that should be guiding you to be more in the moment get lost in the energy you put out. There is great conflict in your career choices as you are attracted to serving others yet you so desperately crave being taken care of. This will always bring up conflict in your career if you choose being of service. There is a needy part of you that makes bad desicions and you are not aware though should be at your age.Others who would get close to you suddenly feel you are too much. You are intense--high energy but unable to find purpose. Too many irons in the fire and a great impatience. Your core issue is the lack of faith in yourself to just be ok--as is. You obssess about missing something--get anxiouse quikly. I see the crab on your post--Cancer is usually more grounded and easy going but you feel more like a heavy Gemini or Sagitarious conflict somewhere in your chart that keeps you in constant flight. Meditation would help you as well as a counselour as you need someone who is objective that you can bounce your busy thoughts off of. You need to ask for help but are looking in the wrong places. Get things right with yourself first and all the rest will solve itself. Otherwise what I see is a continued jumping around of energy and nothing permanate. I almost didn't answer this because I know you tend to hear what you want and can be very stubborn but you are right--this is a crossroads and you are being encouraged to change. And change means doing things different. That would be the big message here. Do it differently--do the hard thing. Change will mean feeling scared. You can't have independance and be needy. Isn't independance what you crave most? Avoid needy feelings around others. Seek counseling---preferably a woman and listen to her. As for a job--right now a job will be just a job---have patience as if you take my advice and seek counseling and meditation your purpose will appear as well as a job that will bring you the independance you crave. BLESSINGS!

  • This is what I honest advise..

    Dont worry, I will do as you told me. I will seek counselling.

    More Power to you, Blmoon and God Bless.

    Thanks a lot.


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