Need advice on relationship

  • I have been having problems in my relationship dont know what to do so I came to this site in search for help, dont get the cards say some helping my question was is it worth this relatioshiop

    celtic cross

    on top: 9 of wands

    center cards left to right: 5 of wands; King of wands; The emperor; the devil; 7 cups

    left colum top to botton

    king of coin


    six of cups

    ace of cups

    help please

  • I am certainly now expert at this, but here’s my interpretation. Note, your description of the cards was a little confusing so the following is a good rule of thumb for a CC layout:

    Set-up - The Circle/Cross (six cards) on the left, and the Staff (four cards) on the right.

    The Circle/Cross section is made up of two crosses - a central one (two cards) nested within a larger cross (six cards). The smaller cross represents the heart of the matter - what is most central to you at the time of the reading. It is the hub around which the wheel of your life is turning.

    The larger cross consists of two lines that overlay the minicross. The horizontal line (H) shows time moving from your past on the left into your future on the right. The vertical line (V) is your consciousness moving from your unconscious on the bottom to your conscious mind on the top. Together these six cards give you a snapshot of your inner and outer environment at the time of a reading.

    The cards of the Staff section comment on your life and lie outside of the immediate situation. Here, your Inner Guide helps you understand what is shown in the Circle/Cross section. You receive guidance about yourself and others, your life lessons and your future direction.

    Here’s the method I use to interpret the cards and my interpretation of your cards;

    Position 1 - what you're dealing with

    You want to communicate about the issue at hand, but the anticipation of potential hostility or conflict is troubling you.

    Position 2 – unbalancing force

    There is a conflict with personalities, both of you have strong personalities. Unfulfilled desires have brought about the issue at hand. You are dedicated to your situation; willing to fight for the cause and therefore the scattered energy within the relationship is unsettling.

    Position 3 – reason behind events

    He is an intelligent man with a sense of humor whom has proven he can be reliable when you needed him in the past. There is underlying resentment that is the cause of you current situation.

    Position 4 – fading concern

    Reason ruling emotion, there is a possibility you may be the one he is completely committed to, only if you are both honest with each other

    Position 5 – what you're worried about

    Promiscuous behavior.

    Position 6 – what must be considered

    Keep an open mind, resist fantasy; must think realistically.

    Position 7 – a possible approach

    Re-visit past experiences and learn from them.

    Position 8 – how you are coming across

    Unwilling to compromise

    Position 9 – what you suspect is true, what you're afraid of

    You are afraid if you try to open the door for communication that it will only make the matter worse.

    Position 10 - where everything is leading

    Possible progress if you look to yourself to improve the situation rather than relying on the opinion’s of others.

    Your comments/feedback on this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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