Advice Please.

  • I am involved in two relationships (yes I know, I'm bad.) So I did a tarot spread on each relationship to see where each are headed. These are the outcomes I got for each person. I just want some other opinions is all.

    Outcome of the relationship with "Man A". (Ten of Swords, Nine of Pentacles, Two of Wands)

    The outcome of the relationship with "Man A" will be an ending to a difficult situation (which would be our relationship, I am not currently happy in it.) This ending will be caused by a possible pregnancy with "Man B" which will lead me to have to make a choice between the two men.

    Outcome of the relationship with "Man B" (Ten of Swords, The World, Ace of Pentacles)

    Because I ended the relationship with "Man A" I am able to find complete happiness and fulfillment with "Man B". "Man B" and myself are able to start laying a strong foundation for the future of our relationship together, and make it a more stable and committed relationship.

  • What I see is that neither relationship is ultimately a long-term thing for you and that what needs to occur first is for you to find happiness and fulfillment on your own first. Once you accomplish this, the new partnership will enter that will be better suited for you. The 10 of Swords for each relationship suggests that there is no future here. The 9 of Pents is a SINGLE woman who is happily alone and enjoying the fruits of her own labor. The World is also about fulfillment and completion. The 2 of Wands and Ace of Pents suggest a new partnership that is more rewarding based on you attaining the state of inner peace and happiness first.

  • Thank you for your analysis watergirl, I will tell you why I came to some of the conclusions I did in regards to the reading.

    I've been told before from several psychics and others that "Man B" will get me pregnant sooner rather than later. In other readings that I have done, there is always pregnancy cards popping up throughout the reading.

    Knowing me, and my situation and circumstances, I would not leave "Man A" unless I wanted to be with Man B, or if something were to happen such as a pregnancy to move things along between "Man B" and I.

    I know that the Nine of Pentacles can point to a pregnancy. I know that there are other meanings to Nine of Pentacles, but the other meanings don't apply to me or my situation. When I clarified the outcome that I got with Man B, I pulled the Six of Cups also a classic child card. .

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