• ok i cant believe im actually doing this but this is my last attempt to save my marriage. my husband is a true Gemini and i am a true Scorpio..great pair huh? ha well this last year has been extremely tough and i need help! we split up for six months because he couldnt "take the pressure" came back and after a few bad fights hes out the door again! Completely shut down on me. I love him and i am willing to stick it out but i need advice on what to do and not to do. from what ive read it seems like they always come back but i dont do i make him realize that running is not the option? can a gemini man really fall out of love that quick?

  • I always have a really strong connection with Scorpios! I am a Gemini female and I don't fall out of love easily. In fact, it takes me a lot longer than most people, I think. I don't run from problems, but I need space when I feel like I am losing myself. I always realize how much I miss/need someone when I think I've lost them. Just remain strong. I feel like this is vague, so if you have any more specific questions, I'd by happy to try to help! Good luck.

  • Surlemare,

    Very interesting revelation. Could you explain how you lose yourself? Does the partner have anything to do with it? What are the symptoms? Could the partner help you cope rather than isolate yourself? What's the best thing a partner could do?

  • I feel like I am losing myself when lots of things start to happen that I can't control or I feel like I am putting lots of effort into something with a return that I was not hoping for. If things keep escalating, I need an out. It could be a fight with a friend, partner, anyone! Or just a terrible week. Either way, the partner could definitely help. Talking about things help me a lot but I am personally really bad about expressing what's on my mind. I usually want to keep the peace and try not to stir anything up. My rising sign is Libra and my moon sign is Pisces though.

  • hey any little bit helps!thanks! I'm just so confused ! and I feel like I'm being taken advantage of because he knows I'm here for him. he won't talk to me then comes unexpectedly and wants to be affectionate? seems like he doesn't know what wants so I do I approach this? back off and let hum come to me? Gemini what works best for you.

  • Geminimantrouble,

    Gems are fluttering butterflies which does not necessarily mean that they are cheaters. They just want to be free ( a contradiction in terms) even when they are in committed relationship. They need to come and go at will. Yet, in their hearts the love one is the only one. Hence, when your hubby comes back he is probably surprised what changed you. You need to discuss this with him but not in accusatory manner. Try asking him how to cope because it hurts you to the point of balancing and on the verge of a tipping point in this relationship. Tell him how you love him and willing to discuss things. But you should also reserve something for your dignity and preservation of self respect. Love is not a bed of roses. You need to invest in it and grow and let grow.

  • i wish is was that easy tellstar!! i try my best to keep my composure but he shuts down at the hint of emotion. the other night we had a good time together then i dont hear from him! this is frustrating and i want things to work and i know i have to be patient but is it going to be worth it on my end? or will i always have to worry about him leaving?

  • AND btw ur the only one who has had anything good to say regarding this matter!! 😉

  • Try this hon, go about your life as usual and make yourself happy don't worry about him he will come back. Especially when he finds out that your doing great without him. It should have him wondering. I know this is hard but don't bring up emotions until you know he is ready to communicate openly with you. Be intriquing and be the woman you always have been. The woman he met in the first place. Strong, confident and very capable of taking care of yourself. Once he knows that you don't need a man in your life he will most likely beg you to take him back. Oh and just one more tip smile alot at him makes him feel safe and he will open up. In my experience with my gemini, he just needs some time to cool off. If he truly loves you he will come back. He will notice the changes and you might be surprised. 😄 Relax breathe and dont worry so much. Be prepared to wait a while though. Sometimes men need longer to process feelings than we do. Wish you all the best.

  • ur right..def gonna hold my ground n see what happens thanks!

  • well so much for that.. just saw him today and he took off his wedding ring

  • Awe I'm so very sorry to hear that. Please hold yourself together. Chin up, It's going to be hard, but do what I mentioned k. Don't be sad focus on other things, believe me it's hard to do. just because he took off his ring doesn't mean he doesn't love you. Unless he told you he doesn't than i don't think you would have to much to worry about. Did you show any insecurity when you seen him? because insecurity will push a man further away. He could be just angry and frustrated. I am surrounded by gemini my kids are both gemini and my love and a bunch of my friends are too. As a leo it can be a little hard to deal with some days but I manage. No matter what life throws at me, no matter how much I hurt I always keep pushing forward and find good things in life that make me happy. Make yourself happy first. It will be easier to make him happy if you are. Say to yourself I choose to be happy, forgive him. forgiving is powerful all in itself. Frees you from pain and lets you move forward. Remember all is not lost men don't fall out of love easily although sometimes they like to make us think otherwise, it's just not always the case. I have one ex that still chases after me even though for many years now i don't have the same feelings i once had. We were together for almost 8 years, living common law and had a daughter together. It took all the courage I had to leave. I fell out of love with him about a year prior and it took me a while to sum up the courage to walk out the door. I stayed in part due to feeling obligated because of our daughter. Sometime after i Ieft him. I started seeing my former bf from when I was in high school who happens to be my gemini. He was my high school love then and well we rekindled things 10 years later and had a beautiful son together. i will always love him no matter what happens in life and I accept that we may not be together in the future but at least I know in my heart what love is. I'm greatful for that. I'm also greatful for all the things i learned along the way and how my positive mind set can quickly turn things around.

    A good book i recommend is men made easy by karaoh. As much as you miss him you have to put yourself first and take care of your inner being. Make time to do the things you love to do. Sure your going to think of him but feel with your heart love and forgive. Choose to feel love for him and accept it for what it is embrace it and then give that love back to yourself. You deserve to be loved. If you want someone to talk to I can be there for you to help you through it.

  • im doing exactly what you said and trying my best to keep my composure at all times. i actually feel alot more emotionally stable now so that def is a plus. thank you so much for your good advice. when i saw him i made a statement about it which ofcourse i knew was wrong but i made the statement and left it at that. i def need to lay low for awhile and get my own feelings together. your definitely right about that. i need to focus on me before i can even try to make someone else happy. i just hate that i dont get a response back from him you know? like how can you just shut off ur feelings after so long? so frustrating but im keeping my head high.thanks so much again! a big help!

  • Geminimantrouble,

    I am very sorry to hear about this new development. But realize that gem wants to be free not necessarily to look for another partner. A ring symbolizes commitment, confinement, and limitation. Gem fear these things. Removing the ring may not have anything to do with how he looks at you or could be his way of showing his male dominance.Try removing yours and see how it feels. And when you bump into him look at his facial expression but be accommodating and open, nice and charming. Stand your ground but not confrontational. Gem likes strong women. However, do this for yourself and not for him. You need peace and appreciation for who you are and you are to be the first one to give this to yourself. Make yourself the most important for you at this time, whether your gem is there or not. Take care. If you need anything email me.

  • thanks so much for your guidance. i just get frustrated bc like i said theres like a wall between us and i dont understand how that can happen so quick. my cards were just recently read and i was told that it will eventually work out but he needs to figure out his life first? oh who knows! lol i haveta get my life in order

  • Geminimantrouble,

    The reading feels right. Go about your life. Try not to obsess about him. Instead take care of yourself. Find ways to support yourself and baby. Make him share in caring for the baby but not in a confrontational way. He may just be panicking on this new situation for him. Gems are a bit insecure as astrological sign. Take care.

  • I will be here to help you and I offer my support hon, Your welcome for the advice. I don't think he shut off his feelings. give him a break and give yourself a break the time apart should give you plenty to talk about later. Let him come to you when hes ready ignore him for a bit if you have too. Don't contact him or put on an emotional display in front of him. Keep busy try something new that you've always wanted to try. If you can get him to realize that you don't need him in your life but you want him in your life it will make a difference. Best way to do that is by not being needy. Giving him space and showing him that you can clearly make it on your own. Tellstar said that you have a baby look after baby and tell your heart that he will be back when hes ready. Relax take deep breaths stop worrying because if you worry and obsess over things it will not help you it will make things worse. I know because ive been in a very similar situation and as much as it hurt at the time I had to just do what I had to do and give him space.

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