Tarot Reading for the rest of this year...

  • Hey, I am looking for a reading for the rest of 2011. I really need some incite to what's going on in my life and how it can be directed in a positive way.

  • QuilterofWords,

    There is a pretty strong dark energy that has overtaken or surrounded you. You are literally engulfed by your Shadow self right now and you are stuck in a rut. There is something you are not forgiving yourself for. I am also getting both deceit and truth - like you are not seeing things clearly. Blaming yourself for something that is not your doing or your fault. Compassion, love and resurrection are repeated cards and images that are coming through. This has to do with a man and something to do with your home. Something very traumatic that caused much heartbreak. Was drinking involved in some way? As far as your present situation, I will be honest with you...when we allow our shadows to take over this much it is difficult to pull ourselves out of it so this will take a great force of will on your part. You MUST allow joy back into your life. If you are giving too much to people and they are not appreciative or not giving back then first and foremost remove yourself from these people and then ask yourself how did I attract them people into my life? Once again, it feels like this self-punishment you are inflicting on yourself is the cause. It is absolutely okay to retreat and take time to yourself. Do not feel guilty about it. Fill up your own well. It is impossible to give to others when we are running on empty. Then take some time each day to appreciate the little things. Start a gratitude journal. Sunlight is coming through strongly - mostly about stepping out of the darkness and into the light, but I think it's also about sunshine therapy. Getting outside and allowing the sun to warm your face and the breeze to flow through your hair - these things will help renew your waning life force. Introduce humor back into your life as laughter - especially spontaneous belly laughter - is a great medicine. Go see funny movies. Watch your favorite comedians' cable programs. Anything to help you laugh and shift into a higher vibration. Once you are able to shift your energy you will be able to attract a better element with regard to people in your life. Focus on surrounding yourself with friendly, social and helpful people. Expect good things to come and they will. But the absolute first and critically necessary step is to forgive and have more compassion for yourself.



  • Sorry - following are the cards I pulled. I lay the cards all upright, but allow my intuition to guide me as to whether or not the "light" or "shadow" side of the card is what is being shown...

    Foundation/Basis of the Matter: 3 of Swords

    You: Page of Pents

    Crossing You: The Moon

    What's Above: The Tower

    Past: 4 of Wands

    Present Situation: The Emperor

    Near Future: Ace of Wands

    Blocks/Inhibitions: 4 of Pents

    Environment/People You are Involved With: Page of Cups

    Advice: The Devil

    Future/Potential Outcome: Judgment

  • Your Angel Card was Remiel. Remiel is the Angel of Hope and Guidance and also was responsible for leading souls out of Purgatory.

    I also pulled Universal Wisdom Cards.....Compassion and No More Wounds. Compassion is a reference to Kuan Yin which is a female version of Christ in Buddhism I believe. This card speaks to forgiveness and compassion (I got that this was about forgiveness and compassion of Self). No More Wounds is a Christ Image and speaks to resurrection and releasing the image of wounds and suffering.

  • I just read through your other threads. First of all, my heart goes out to you. Secondly, that Ophelia card that was pulled for you.....Ophelia committed suicide. I believe this was really just about the situation you were in - dealing with the aftermath of your husband's suicide. Thirdly, you really must forgive yourself. Whether you are doing it consciously or subconsciously you are blaming yourself for what happened. It is NOT your fault. Your husband was a troubled soul and the path he was on and ultimately took was not your doing. Are you giving so much to others in some sort of twisted way of punishing yourself or trying to make up for your perceived wrongdoing? That will suck the life out of you so STOP. Lastly, you know it is perfectly acceptable to unleash anger at your husband for what he did. Bottling it up will only cause the extreme depression and self-loathing you are entrenched in right now. Let it rip. Shout out to him all that you have bottled up inside. Release it rather than hanging on to it. This is an important step you must take in your resurrection and freeing yourself from purgatory. Forgive yourself, get angry with him, then forgive him. Then ALLOW THE LIGHT BACK IN TO YOUR LIFE! It is not necessary for you to nail yourself to a cross...

  • Dear watergirl18,

    I wanted to thank you for your posts to me. Although I just now got them, your positiveness and prayers, may have came through the air to me, without me reading these words you wrote until now.

    All the things you suggested I do, I have done, without reading these posts. Some how, I was able to reach all of these conclusions and apply them.

    You were right I was drowning in guilt and self loathing, blaming myself, and taking responsibility for someone else's decisions.

    I was holding anger for the suicide inside, along with the guilt. My loss, of my life, that I had for so long.

    The people that were in my life, that I was having issues with, were not all supposed friends, but also family members.

    So I have been tending to the garden of my life and I have been pulling the weeds in it, out by their proverbial roots.

    Of course there are some people I must deal with, but only on a temporary time frame, so I look positively, at the days, when their time is up for me to have to deal with them.

    I am in a new relationship that is loving. I have a new grandchild on the way and a 2 year old grand-daughter.

    I lost my house, but I moved to another State and I feel I belong here, for the first time in my life.

    I have moments that people try to bring me down and sometimes I give them a moment to do that and I may even vent out loud, but then I take my power back because that moment I have given them, has passed.

    My goal is to not allow those moments at all. But being human, I guess, I am not invincible. But at least I have learned to divert it and not spend much time on the negativity that is blasted toward me, at times.

    So emotionally and spirituality, I feel I am growing in a positive way.

    Again, thank you so much for all your effort in reaching out to me. Most Sincerely, Quilter~~

  • We are all constantly growing, in spirit. I am learning to be more open to things I have kept hidden from myself and from others, because I was afraid of what others would think. Guilt is a powerful thing and t can make us live in our own hell....

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