Spells that work

  • Hello,

    was wondering if anyone had any spells for becoming more beautifull that actually work, Only wan't spells that don't come with any backfires or badluck....could anyone recommend any please?

  • I hope you are kidding! IF there were such spells we would all be walking around rich and beautiful. Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a matter of perspective. Look around at loving couples walking hand in hand--each finds the other very beautiful but others may differ. So, it's alarming that you are searching for a shallow version of attracting someone? Beauty will not solve your problems or fill the empty place you feel or drown out the anger. I think you must be young and still learning about "energy". The laws of attraction. You often sabotage yourself unknowingly. You hold onto to pain and strong emotions and then let loose at inapropriate times or places. The people you want to draw closer end up moving away and then your abandonment issues--feelings of rejection amplify. You feel out of control with your life--as if you need some outside gift that will help you be in charge. The changes you desire have no fast fix and you are more normal then you know and spirit says TEMPERANCE is your friend. Right now you run hot and cold--all or nothing---open or closed. Balance is key. You want to be touched yet do not feel safe or trust. Counseling would help you---as you need a safe place to release a lot of held in garbage--and emotions in a way that doesn't hurt you. Don't expect so much---learn to find joys in the small stuff and stay in the moment---you get pulled into the past and it traps you. Find a healthy outlet for your pain baggage and move forward. Be busy with realistic goals that require hard work and focus and will bring you self esteem----avoid looking for quike fixes and magic. You are as beautiful as you decide you are. BLESSINGS!

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