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  • Months ago I was told by my husband he was moving south to be with another woman. He did remain in that area dating and pursuing each other . I was out of the picture but never really felt that we were over.

    This summer he returned to our summer home, I visit there rarely. When I did go we connected and seemed to be on a path for reconciliation. He remained silent regarding us and decided to return to her again this past week.. He did so without conversation regarding the path he is taking.

    I am generally very intuitive but I just keep feeling that we are not over and there is a lesson I am to be learning from this relationship. I have meditated, read cards, consulted a psychic and all seem to indicate he will return when he finds himself. I'm not sure that is the answer either. How do I remove the block to the real answer for us either as a couple or alone. How do I see what path to take when I seem focused primarily on his return.

    Is patience my lesson and it is so obvious that I can't see it. My birthday is 12/18/44 Michigan and his is 3/18/41 if that helps at all.

    Any and all guidance would be welcome

  • I'll do a reading soon for you.

  • I would so appreciate it.. I should have called myself "stumped"

  • The good news is that you can get yourself out of this situation. Acknowledge your role in all this. This path w/him is only going to lead to disappointment. This reading points to money and possessions and communication (or lack thereof.) In this reading your focus is towards him primarily. The core question is really what you want to do with your life. Have you looked towards him as financial support and are you concerned regarding your possessions. Has there been talk of divorce and dividing up possessions. Shows that you have known of this situation for awhile or he's cheated in past. I'm getting that either there has been sharp words or not enough words--communication figures in. Maybe by not communicating you feel things will change. In present, isolation. With the Fool figuring in w/strength, your withdrawal is actually protecting you from emotional stress and damage. This situation has not been resolved and that is where your stress is. The position you're taking is not helping. Don't let anyone talk you out of money. I get the feeling that you are blessed and don't realize it. Your future looks bright. When you follow your own path shows you can be quite happy and successful. BTW your finances look good or better. Look for doors to open for you. This is not the end for you but the beginning. This reading reminds me of the phrase. . When God closes one door he opens another.

  • ps--forgot to list the cards I drew for you.

    present--4 of swords

    above--King of coins

    below--9 o swords

    past--knight of coins

    ace of swords



    You--Ace of coins

    environ--4 of rods

    hopes & fears--9 of coins

    Outcome--8 of swords

  • Thank you so much for the reading. I would like to comfirm/claify your observations The money financial support issues are not a problem for me. I have been looking at my money and financial resources as I plan my retirement in the not too distant future but they are all in line and just this week discovered I have more than I had planned. I believe that is the financial/possession concern. Also he came and removed his belongings from my home and our cottage just this week. I must say it has been on my mind because it made the break more final, but it appears he only took his clothes and the tools he used. Nothing of great value.

    The money problems are all his.

    I have known about the other woman for 8 months although I believe it has gone on for almost 2 years. I had hoped it would change and generally have kept quiet except make it clear there will not be 3 in our relationship

    We are not communicating he has moved. We did not communicate because when I asked about our relationship he said I don't know. I told him that wasn't a committment to work on us and he needed to get his things. He did so.

    I'm not clear on "your withdrawal is actually protecting you from emotional stress and damage. This situation has not been resolved and that is where your stress is. The position you're taking is not helping. " If the position is not helping what would.

    Is there something I should be doing and I guess that is what I'm trying to find out. I have withdrawn and initiated no contact except business to try and find my own path and that is where I'm having the problem.

    Maybe without the noise of the troubled relationship it will become clearer through meditation or perhaps the cards can identify a path.

    It is wonderful that the cards were so clear on issues, .

    I pray that I become wise enough to take my focus from the closed door and look for the open ones.

  • Hi, I couldn't figure out why there were so many coins or pents in your reading. It showed your hopes and fears position and your position as in good standing. I guess he has financial issues. I believe the cards were pretty clear cut in regards to this relationship. I wouldn't be surprised if you do hear from him in regards to a reconciliation. Again the cards were straightforward in this regard. I drew 2 major arcana cards in your future position which indicate life's lessons. Strength and the Fool. Strength has to do with mastery over our higher selves. Mastery over the flesh (animal) and spirit. You can control the world around you. Getting to know and appreciate yourself. The Fool-enjoying a new life in future position. Wouldn't be surprised if your thinking about taking a vacation, etc. The 8 of swords in your outcome shows you closing your eyes to situation. I think once you accept the fact that this is unacceptable than you can verbalize it to him. That's probably the mastery over your environment that the Strength card points to. Does he try to appear as someone who has a lot or has he used his money unwisely. The financial situation for him weighs in heavily and may be a pivotal point in this new relationship, either drawing him towards this other person or throwing him back at you. What this reading really is pointing to is dealing with the issue at hand and taking control over your environment. That's the life's lesson for you.

  • Again amazing. It is him that has the financial problems. I had always done his investing for him, not now. He lives on a limited amount of money and has always had enough to get by. I don't believe he does at this point because we are not together. He has his home to pay for as well as 1/2 the cottage payments. Plus dating. He spends money by credit card that he probably does not have. The credit cards will never be my responsibility to pay.

    It confirmed that my finances are OK now and in the future

    It appears my path is to make a life for myself and stop waiting for him, do things I have dreamed of with my friends. I should be able to see the situation realistically by the time he returns. When (or if) he returns it will be my choice what to do about him and us. The communication will be clear between us. Our future after the return has not been identified?

    or is it: Once I have finally accepted that my life is better without him I will shut my eyes to the possibility of us being a couple ever again. As in done.

    As I write those 2 outcomes both feel OK

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