Any1 who reads tarot or is into Davination

  • I'm a cancer July 18 and ever since I was about 13 I could really notice how I had a "sharpened sense" about things.Like being able to tell whats about to happen next almost like advanced de ja vu.Or being able to look in to someone and know what type of person they are without actually knowing them or even what they were thinking.Here's my problem with this.I know what I can do but I don't know how I do it.Also lateually I've been feeling like I was put here for a specific purpose but I just don't know what that purpose is.I've been learning more about davination and something has just been calling to me about TAROT.Does anyone here know how to read tarot cards and would be willing to explain them a bit more to me? O r maybe stuff on davination.Cuz lately I've been feeling like I'm on the right path but just don't know what direction I;m going in.

    thank you much

  • hey honey, I can totally relate to what you are saying, because I felt those same things, from a very young age, but it was around the time I was a teen-ager that I realized I was "different" and not everyone had the ability to see things for what they are - see through people, their intentions, what they want, what they need, what they expect - and what a gift that is because I was able to accept people for who they are, and not have the same need to judge others as so many do...and as I got older I was able to consciously decjde whether it was in my best interest to associate with them or not...but I'm getting off track.

    Tarot was something i was attracted to, and I went out and bought my first pack, big No no.

    Someone else has to give you, gift you, your tarot cards, or they won;t work.

    Because Tarot isn't about fortune telling, it's about helping people see their full potential, and the gifts they have, the beauty inside their soul and accepting their life path, which no matter what is all about accepting love, which you help them see.

    So many people feel bad about themselves, and the choices they;ve made, that they feel trapped to be what society has made them, they no longer have free will to change.

    Tarot can help remind them of dreams they used to have.


  • Hello HatchetSinista

    I bought my current set of Tarot cards simply because one day I was 'told' to buy a new set. I went to a shop I had in mind, the lady had just closed the store but allowed me in, there was only one set of cards left and I happened to have the exact money to pay for them! Trust your instincts and listen to spirit messages.

    With the Tarot, I use the Rider-Waite-Smith deck as I like the symbolism and images. Get yourself a deck to practice on and some good books such as those by Rachel Pollack. It helps to have an interest in Astrology too and spirituality in general as you need to become friends with your cards and respect them as you want them to respect you.

  • I do a spiritual excercise that is called latihan. explains a bit about what it is but it is really not anything to explain. It is just an excercise for the soul. The purpose is to awaken and cleanse the soul. It is good for me.

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