Insight on Number 333......Is this Good?

  • I am wondering if any one can help me out with this.

    I would like some insight on the number 333.

    I was given a holy picture of Jesus that has been blessed, I have one at work on my desk, and a few months ago I had a heart shape appear on the desk next to the picture. One of the providers I work with gave me the picture ( she is catholic and very religious) and said I should have another one for home. I put this picture on a mantle in my bedroom, 2 nights in a row I awoke to my clock reading 3:33am. I decided to google the meaning of this time and most of the posts I read are all positive, a few posts were not. I am a little freaked out by this, can someone tell me what they think this means.

    I have been doing a lot of soul searching this year, I still am finding love heart shapes, and found so many heart shape rocks this past week end while being outdoors.

    Is this just a coincidence. Right now I want to sleep with my light on!

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