Is he the one?

  • I have been in a long distance relationship for a little over a year. We have been talking about marriage children and relocation. A little background info he and I met last year his family and my family are from the same place and we were both visiting there. We met and it wasn't love at first sight to be honest but as I got to know him I have had this feeling of just floating. I will not say everything has been perfect but in my heart I feel that he is the one. When he brings up relocation I get nervous because I am a creature of habit and I would be leaving everything familiar to me and I just would like a reading just to help me clear my head and if I am making the right decision.

    He and I both have the same birthday

    Me: April 12, 1984

    Him: April 12, 1977

  • junglebunny,

    How wonderful that you both have the same B-day. Means you will really share a lot in common. You will have your family there when you relocate right? I feel that you see mountains instead of molehills here. Spirit says to tell you that you will be all right and happy to boot. I feel twins around you later down the road a boy and a girl and one of the children will really excell in math the other in art. Your home will set up high like on a hill and I see the color white here and some red, black furniture. Your families will be happy right along with you both.

    Look for rainbows dear, to chase the dark clouds of doubt away.


  • thank you. I do see relocating as an obstacle. His family will be close by but my family will not be nearby and that is what scares me. I think we could be happy but I can't imagine being so far from my family.

  • junglebunny,

    Your stronger than you think you are and if there is any doubt than go and spend some time there before saying I DO. That way you will completely know what life will offer you as his wife and how you would blend and feel about his family. Your family would be there for you no matter the distance away is what I feel.

  • Hey, Junglebunny, I took a leap of faith once followed my heart and for many years have lived apart from all I have ever known. I moved back home for short periods of time twice in an 8 year span. Then back here I live over 700 km away. I recently went to visit my family over the summer, I hadn't seen them in over a year and well once I got there it was great but then I realized that being apart from family isn't nearly as bad as I always thought was. I would like to be closer and hope to move in the new year but I will have to live an hour or two drive away. I've gotten used to being apart from my family. I like my privacy, I don't like drama and well my family can be invasive and full of drama. lol This way I can still visit from time to time and stay a while and wont have as far to go to get there lol. I would try what shuabby said, go there for a bit and find out if your comfortable. You have to find your happiness, how will you ever know? if you don't test the waters first before diving right in? 🙂 good luck! All the best to you.

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