New and need an advice from TheCaptain

  • Hello TheCaptain,

    I'm desperately need an advice. I had very stressful situations lately.

    I think my life is not progressing as anyone else did. I always dream of having a good job with a good salary, but don't know how or where to start. Everything seemed so hard to achieved.

    Also,my relationship with my boyfriend is not so good lately. I don't want to be in this situation any longer. What should I do?

    My DOB: 8 Dec 1982

    Thank you in advance.

  • Lilacgrey, you are here to learn to release your need to be in control and to find your inner sensitivity. In matters of finance and money management, you are especially gifted. A born executive and manager, you may spend most of your energy seeking career advancement, to the detriment of your emotional life. You take charge and like to be in control - structure, standards, and ironclad rules are second nature to you. You must open up to your own feeling nature. Learning to be tender with your burgeoning emotional life will help you discover your capacity to offer tenderness to others. Being aware of and valuing emotional connections to others - such as building and caring for a family (either a traditional one with a spouse and children or one made up of friends or co-workers) - will be your greatest fulfilment in this life. Your core lesson is to learn to be gentle with yourself and others, and to lose your fear of expressing your feelings. Your goal must be to examine childhood memories to find the cause of your emotional repression, and use your gifts of capability, dedication, and commitment to find happiness and fulfillment.

    Likely to be less conservative than many people, you will nevertheless have to overcome some highly defensive attitudes towards emotional expression if you are to be truly successful. A restrictive or intolerant early life may have burdened you with enormous responsibilities and a desire to repress your own best talents and impulses. It may have left you feeling valueless, unworthy or unrealistic, with a deep fear of poverty and loss of status. However, it is not others who judge you harshly but yourself. Often hindered by a consequent rejection complex, you may play by the rules quite unsuccessfully until you come to understand that the traditional 'rules' won't necessarily get you where you want to go. You must however embrace the spiritual law that you reap what you sow. If you can manage to turn your need to be accepted into an effort at real communication with and compassion for other people, you will find your defenses considerably reduced and your potential for happiness increased in proportion. By cultivating the ability to move beyond your own concerns, especially when the going gets rough, you will be able to become more objective about what needs to be done in your life and for others.

    You want to be in absolute control of every area of your life all the time and want to believe you have the power to succeed. But to attain this success, you must stay in touch with your feelings and insecurities and share the truth about yourself with others. Acknowledging your fears and issues will give you a stable base from which to create success in the outer world, for you will no longer be fighting yourself by trying to hide or suppress your feelings. This will give you a calm, inner certainty from which to accomplish your goals without needing to be in control all the time. By acknowledging your own emotions, you will develop an awareness of other people's feelings. By nurturing and supporting others with your natural gifts in this area and using your fine intuition to follow your hunches in your work, you will gain the support you need to help you on your own path and the life and love success you desire.

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