Needing Some Guidance Please

  • Me and my husband have come to a crossroads in our marriage and I'm afraid it could make or break us which would devastate me . He is wanting to move back to his hometown in KY which is 7 hours away from where we live now and where most all my family lives ,we have an amazing and very beautiful 17 month old daughter and I don't feel right taking her away from her only grandparents and moving that far from everyone I know in my husbands defense he believes it would be a better financial move and we would receive more help with our daughter which is very good points but I still don't feel right moving away from my family and taking our daughter away as well i just feels wrong plus there are some past issues with him when he lived there (years before we met) that make me think as well and I'm terrified that if we don't decide what to do soon we will end up divorced and I couldn't handle that , so I'm asking for any kind of guidance as what I could do please I would greatly appreciate it .

    Thank yo and much blessings to everyone.


  • Erica, isn't the real truth that YOU don't want to leave all your family behind? That you would miss their help, advice, and support? But you and your husband need to make it on your own, to be alone with each other and your child.

    The move will be good for you all.

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