Can anyone read cards?

  • I have been wanting to get tarot cards of my own. I go online and get just to the point of purchasing them and don't. I don't know if anyone can read them or if I can??? If I can...oh how happy I would be!

    Thank you thank you!

    Molly Kathleen


  • Perhaps your desire for cards is true but you are not sure of the kind of cards. Tarot is a not so easy and unless you have a teacher to take you under your wing or take a class you may get impatient--also Tarot readers have different takes on the Art--some are strict some are more personal. Actualy, with any message form the power is not in the cards. Cards or symbols are just a language and spirit speaks through that language so you can make your own cards even! The cards are not in themselves magic. I do my own card readings and my favourite cards are Healing with the Fairies oracle cards by Doreen Virtue PhD. She has many others as well. I added her Archangel Michael cards I use on occasion but the Fairie cards are more for everyday --though I often get the same cards if do too often! You can find these cards often in a big book store. Also there are two web sites that allow you to choose card picks for free and they are right on. We can't put web adresses on here but you can look them up. I love Angel cards by Nina Roe Angelsteach but they are advanced and more gfor developing your psychic connections with the angels--she does offer classes and Ishta Lerners site lets you pick free Goddess cards--inner child cards and floer cards--very accurate and free. For in your hand cards go to the book store look for Doreen Virtues cards and see what feels good. Trust your attraction. Once you choose your cards I can help you with how you choose them---you will get lots of examples and suggestions but in the end one does best to follow their own best feel. My Fairy Cards I either shuffle or just cut once and like to choose the top card and the bottom--works for me. It's an amazing feeling to reshuffle the cards three days later--cut and get the same two cards! What are the odds of that! It happens all the time--they work. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you my friend for that. I wondered if my pause on the purchase was because it's online. Perhaps...I'll have to wait until my next trip back home to the big city to see what feels right.

    You are not only gifted but have the knowledge of a hundred to one.



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