Capricorn man disappeared im devastated help!!

  • I am in love with a capricorn man who said he was in love with me and i had no reason to doubt him, until now that is!! I am totally totally at a loss as to why he has just switched off from me shut me out and will not reply to me. Im 48 been single for 6 years just not met "the one" until now and he felt exactly the same it was fate brought us together and was like weve known each other all our lives. We were planning out future together at the weekend (3 days ago now) altho we have discussed our future on many occasions before he left for the train station. Hetext me as soon as he got to the station to say he was already missing me etc. and I spoke to him Sunday as well, but I have not heard anything since!! Ive texted him and they have been delivered coz i got my delivery report. But nothing, no explanation, no nothing. In the end ive ended up coming to the conclusion he's changed his mind but has not the guts to tell me and ive sent him texts telling him exactly how i feel and because hes not been in touch im left with trying to summise what's going on in his head and how hurt (understatement) i am. It just all seems unreal cant get my head round it at all!! One minute we were planning out future and everything was absolutely fine between us, then the next a few hours later hes totally cut me off without a word or explanation!! Im in bits here I just dont understand!!!???

    I havent been nasty on my texts really Ive just tried to get through to him how im feeling and why he has done this. He's obviously not coming back now and ive also asked him to send my key back. He knows i still love him i told him but has everything he's said been a lie?

    Can anyone Please help me try and understand. Do u think he will eventually get back in touch and be all sorry or will he just leave it now and move on? It's been three days now and he even knows ive been in hospital and still not even got in touch. It's like he just doesn't care one little bit like i never exisited!!

  • aries,

    I can only share with you what my experience was in the same situation- I met someone who was telling me about the neighborhood he lived in, and how I would get to know this one and that one....obviously planning a future..

    I left a camera at his home one day, and called on sat morning to retrieve it. When he didnt answer after several tries, I felt he was purposely not answering, so I went over, after leaving a message I was on my way.

    As I drove up to his house, sure enough...there was a strange car in the driveway.

    He had a sleepover.

    I so understand how you feel. You think your future includes someone...and then all of a sudden it doesnt.

    I dont know why your messages arent being returned...but I think it is time to move on, especially in this vulnerable state. It will become clear later.

    You are not alone. You have angelic beings with you and God's love is with you as well.

    Hope you are in better health regarding the hospital visit.

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