Hans Decoz: Your Ancestral DNA

  • -- This is a reposting of Hans Decoz's blog entry from July 14, 2008

    Ever wondered to what extend your ancestors influence your personality today? Consider this…Your last name is an important part of your numerology chart, adding letters and numbers to your Karmic Lessons and Hidden Passion charts, as well as being the sole influence of your Spiritual Transit. (This Transit is an important cycle reflecting your spiritual progress and experiences based on the letters in your last name.) In a way, your last name has guided and influenced the spiritual evolution of your forebears and, of course, of you.

    A number of years ago, I wrote an article on this subject and published it on decoz.com. Since then, I have devoted quite a few hours of contemplation and research to developing a practical method of analysis that throws some light on this subtle yet powerful source of insight. It is a method of analysis I hope to make available to you in the near future. After all, in my opinion, the first and foremost function of numerology and any other metaphysical science is that it helps and stimulates your innate desire to ask questions and gain some understanding of who you are and why you are here. (Is there anything more exciting and worthy of your time and attention than your life?)

    All throughout the 30+ years I have been involved in Numerology, the thing that amazes me most is how clearly this strange and mystical science (or pseudo-science, if you will) reflects the synchronicity that connects literally every aspect of evolution with everything else. Nothing, whether it is part of the material world or the immaterial world of thought and imagination, stands alone. This is how we learn, by studying one aspect and recognizing a connection with another.

    For that reason, I think it can be beneficial to you to realize your connection with your ancestors – what in your spiritual awareness have you inherited from those who came and went before you but to whom you are connected for ever? And where are YOU taking this, the most important part of your existence? And how much clarity and insight can you add to it to bring us and future generations closer to — how shall I say this — an existence of answers as opposed to questions; of joy as opposed to doubt and fear; of clarity as opposed to confusion; of light as opposed to darkness; of the heart controlling the mind as opposed to vice versa. Oh yes, this is your inheritance…. and your greatest opportunity.

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