Cancer Woman and Libra Man... How does it normally go?

  • I'm a cancer woman dating a Linbra guy, its only been a few months now and I like him a lot. I have never dated a Libra before. What are the chances of our relationship going on for years? Any body who can tell me their experience or tell me how Libra man are like.

  • CancerDiva

    Generally Cancer woman & Libra man together have different needs.

    Cancer woman will nag & whine to the Libra man.Eventually Libra man will get frustrated

    & annoyed. Might not work.

    But if both signs are mature enough it could work. But not the best compatibility here.

    Anyway you can try it and see if it works. Its only you that can tell so go for it.

    Theres a lot of factors to consider like genes,how the person was raised, family background,

    if parents are divorced (emotional trauma), was married before and have kids, environment, birthdates and baggages if they have any. TRY IT WHO KNOWS YOU MIGHT LIKE IT.

  • Thanks MagicKal

    We are on our third month now and things are great. He talks a lot, which I dont mind becacause he makes me laugh most of the time. He is considerate and caring. He listens to me and he knows how to help me snap out of my moods as a cancerian.

  • @CancerDiva- I need insight from a Cancer female...please read..Im a scorpio male and met an attractive cancer female at walmart..we were attracted so I gave her my card and she called me 2 days later..we talked several times over the phone and connected deeply...she opened up about some troubled issues with her family and we really talked...she discussed her Mom and school and seemed really interested...we kept texting a little for over a week or so and finally met to watch a sports game at a local bar...we had fun watching the game and we were touching each other casually but no kisses...we left and walked each other to our cars...she said follow me out and we left...she spent this weekend with her Mom and sisters and I texted her a few times with no response...I finally texted and said are you ok?I'm worried about you...she texted and said she just wanted to be I texted a few more times assuring her that I liked her personality and thought she was beautiful..she did mention that she seemd jealous of blondes with big ****...anyway, she then said''dont waste your time, your not my type"...any idea ...

  • @ TruePhoenix

    The longest longest relationship I had was with a Scorpio male, we dated for years and he still has a special place in my heart. One thing I can tell you that we Cancerians dont like about you guys is that at times you come across too strong. When a cancer woman keeps quiete it means she is thinking deep and she wants to make sure that she does not lie to you in her response. We love holding back if we do not feel safe with a person, I know cancerians are generally friendly and I think it was rude of her to say you are not her type. when you get such responses you need to know that there is a history of hurt and she could still be angry and generally feel that she does not want a partner. It is also possible that she likes you but she does not want to persue a relationship because she is scared of getting hurt. Scorpio's and Cancerians generally get along very well and the attraction between the two is magigal.

  • @CancerDiva~ I can see that and I sense that...she told me she was hurt badly before...she even shared private info on her family....she commented that she never did that so soon with anyone.....controlling or hurting her..thats not my nature.....I'm not that kind of a guy...I told her that, I said that I would never hurt her and that I am here for her when she is ready...I can sense when someone needs space...I've learned to be patient and I do care...I'm not pushing her...after her premature and surprising response, I just sent her some text mesaages to let her know where Im at...and it was totally supportive of her...I'm possessive and strong willed, but not when it comes to controlling somone...I do it with work, or other interestes such as school. or the gym.....I dont like controlling...besides..she is beautiful and petite...I think she did feel good with me.....I would never try and hurt her....I want her to feel safe with me....but she did DIVE DOWN rather sudden...I just gave her some thoughts of me to take with her....when she said blatantly, that I'm not her type...I didnt get offended...I said that I did like her and I was her when she was ready to question you think she will return? I know she didnt delete my number...because she resonded to my name when she left her last text....I know this delicate and I just want to handle it right....if she walks wasnt long enough to take hold if that makes sense....if she does return, how do I approach it....also...while shes thinking...what do I do...send a text, a call just to say hi...or leave it be for now...thank you..

  • Hi TruePhoenix...I hope you don't mind my response to your situation but I am also a Cancer female and think you should just let her go. I believe that if she wanted to try and develop a relationship with you friendship only or closer you would know it. I believe most of us Cancers are deep emotional thinkers and she has probably thought deeply about your & her connection & has made her decision. If she tries to reconnect with you at some other time then put some thought into it but I wouldn't waste anymore of my time if I were you....her loss....

  • I can't tell you how long your relationship will last, it all depends on how you interact with one another and the way in which you bring out the best (or worst) out of each other.

  • Newsl4ng

    I dont have kids and I dont stay with my parents. I am outgoing and spend a lot of my time out with friends, therefore I'm not a typical 50year old cancer woman. Actually I seem to go out a whole lot than he does. Oh well, I know cancer woman ROCK. One thing about us is that we are passionate, firm and laid back in relationships. Libra man lie a lot anyways... They always potray the opposite of who they really are. Yes I know you guys are flirty and all but what exactly is it that you Libra's want in a relationship because you honestly confuse me.

  • I'm sure a Libra wants the same things out of a relationship than anyone. We just require a little more freedom to socialize. At the end of the day though, we're not a huge mystery, we're actually quite harmonious, balanced and loving people.

  • My ex was a Libra. from what I know about cancers, and I know a lot, I think this could be a good match. I was not a good match for him. I am a Taurus. We were constantly at odds, always arguing and butting heads. But I think a Libra could truly soar with the right Cancer woman!!

    I do!!

    I hope this goes well for you!!

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