Chuck Thankfully Returned This Year For A Third Season

  • I loved the first season of Chuck. I say that and couple it with my thinking that it was ultimately a three-star series, that I just happened to like very much. It ended with a whimper, but had enough in the episodes that made it through the writers' strike at the time to make me keen for its return.

    Season two of Chuck? It's a belter. It finds Zachary Levi utterly owning the title character, with his effortless charm allowing the ensemble cast around him to thrive. But it's Levi who holds this together, as the nerd-turned-superspy who just happens to have the CIA intersect computer in his head. He's utterly believable in a completely unbelievable role.

    Chuck has really built on the foundations of season one here, with its sophomore run both more confident, and given the space to have a lot more fun with the concept. Some of the plots are slight, and there's some repetition from time to time, but then the writers throw in - out of nowhere - a reference that makes you realise they really, really care about the show, and its audience.

    Here's hoping Chuck has a few more seasons in him yet, and if they match the standard of this one, then there's an argument that Chuck is the most fun programme on US TV right now. Season three can't come soon enough

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