Captain, Blmoon or Shuabby Advice on my job hunt as a nurse pls =)

  • I thank you a head for reading my post,

    I received my license number from the boards of nursing (yay) I created my resume and ready to go begin my life as a nurse. im overwhelmed with the process of looking for a job. My car wastes A LOT of gas, and gas prices are insane here in california. And as a new grad, not many oppertunities out there..

    But, I have this hunch that i should be looking in a hospital vs other type of facilitys (e.g long term care, rehab) can I please get some guidance of where i should be looking.. I feel like theres a particular area of work i should focus on. but i might be wrong LOL

    thank you again, big hugs!!


  • Congratulations!!!! That is wonderful news!! remeber to save your gas receipts, any tolls that you mite pay and the receipts for yor printer paper & anything else related to your search as you should be able to write them off on your taxes

    I would send the resume on line via the companys web site - ie hospital or rehab also put a mini portfolio together of your school work and any references from your teachers. Also your school should have career counselors to help you.

  • Thank you Shadowmist,

    Big help. Especially the tax write off, I would have never thought about that.. 😃

  • I'm not in California but I am a nurse. The jobs are generally available in hospitals in the med surg areas and on the off shift. Take any of them for experience and then you can branch out to the specialty areas like critical care, OR and emergency. You will probably find more job opportunities in the cities than the suburbs. Plan on working an off shift or a shift rotation

    Do an on line search of opportunities and apply on line. Don't forget the federal government hires nurses and have you thought of joining the military or the reserves. Despite the fact we need nurses the economy is keeping experienced nurses working so there are fewer opportunities for the new grads.

    Good luck

  • Forgot to add If there are a lot of openings it may be worth a drive over. Or you could call the hospital and ask to talk to the manager of the med surg unit so she will pull your application. It shows initiative,

  • abetterplace,

    wow thank you so much for your advice. Monday morning the search continues 😃

  • you are so welcome. Good luck and keep me posted

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