She wont take me back or even TALK to me, help!! (short story)

  • So theres this girl Victoria right.. that i'm like totally in love with, and have been for really almost 2 years now. Anyways, we first met at work.. where we started talking and soon became really close friends.. I mean, close enough to the point where we would often even cuddle and sleep together(no sex).. after about a year of this I did something that in hindsight, probably wasn't the best idea. I just couldn't control myself! I basically spilled my guts and told her how I felt. There was this sort of awkward feeling in the air.. and in not so few words- told me that she really only saw me as a friend. OUCH. I acted like it was ok no problem, but this really screwed my head up, and I noticed after I said that we were still real close but she began to distance herself a little.

    So at this point im in this sort of paniced frenzy. I start scouring the internet for advice or guidance.. and I came across this one website: .. Which is this online dating/attraction learning course type thing. So long story short I wound up signing up for it... Much of the info, lessons, and things it teaches you didn't quite click or make sense to my logic at the time. But after my amazing screw-up.. I was jus like fuck it, nothing much to lose. So I started employing these methods.. And long story short.. this shit worked fucking INCREDIBLY.. I can't quite explain it, this girl just ate it all up. All I can say.. at least for me, everything we think females want, or like, or what makes sense.. you can bet is almost the EXACT opposite. It's incredible. Women are really strange ill-logical creatures.. no offense to any girls out there. Anyways, after a couple months of this going back and forth we eventually wound up in a relationship, and even had sex a couple times.. it was amazing and so surreal it all happened so fast... so onto my question-

    I guess with my newfound "game" .. I got a little too ahead of myself and wound up meeting this girl off myspace and ended up having sex with her.. Then one day Vic was at my house and I left my myspace page open.. she went snooping and discovered EVERYTHING.. I don't even know what I was thinking when I decided to go off and do this.. but she confronted me, I was dumbfounded lost for words, she smacked me SO hard across my face, told me she hated me n never wanted to speak 2 me again.. then left. I truly am sorry I could give a shit about this other girl. For the past week I've been trying to contact her every day and shes COMPLETELY avoiding me.. it's driving me fucking insane. I had everything I ever wanted and totally fucked it up .. Is there any way to turn this thing around?? =( Help!

  • hi, well you sound like a real nice guy.. so don't get upset with me for expressing my opinion, because at end of the day, that is all it is...My opinion, not that of your girls ok!

    In my heart I would love to say to you don't worry, just persevere , keep telling her how sorry you are and explain to her as honestly as you possibly can, why it happened.. Have you tried asking yourself that question?

    Anyway, if you persevere, and honestly mean it when you say you are sorry... who knows??? Depends on how honest and convincing you are I suppose.. and how deeply she feels for you, also how deeply you hurt her? Did you try to apologise and try to get her to forgive you straight away? or did you escalate her pain by avoiding or telling lies? all depends on how hard you try now, what chance you stand, the bigger the hurt the harder she'll be to convince.. no-one wants to put themselves back into situation where their are likely to be hurt again!

    I would wish you good luck.. but I am not convinced that would be best thing to do for you! You might think so now, but maybe it would not be best...

    As I asked erlier, have you asked yourself why this happened? Did you get an honest answer? Sometimes , we are not always honest even with ourselves! Sounds rediculous I know, but try asking again.. just to be sure! You might even surprise yourself.. Why? If you loved her so dearly... Why would you EVER even think about sleeping with someone else??? Thought alone is bad enough.. but you actually went through with consciously took the decision to have sex..make love to this other person...that is what you wanted to do and you did it!!

    Actions, they speak louder than words, these not telling you anything???? So your girl wasn't so important then really was she? Maybe , you just don't want to lose her love for you.. maybe that is what you miss? Afraid you won't find any where else?? It could possibly be that you don't love her at all.. you just love - her loving you! I know must feel good having someone love you like that but if you don't reflect it back.. only absorb. then it won't be long before you have absorbed everything.. and she will have nothing left to give..Maybe a better course of action would be to look inward, find out what it was you were looking for when you went with other girl.. there is obviously something missing, otherwise you would not have gone looking for it. once you know yourself.. maybe you could find the right girl to love and to have love you , in reflection, because that is only love that will ever last! Good luck, with which ever course of action you decide is best for you! I hope you really do find true love this time.. and I hope that you will treasure it and protect it once you do! : )

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