Can I have reading please.....anyone???

  • Can someone give me reading please.....based on my post on 9/11..."Should I trust my heart"........I really need some advice.....thanks a million

  • Hi Mat,

    I cannot offer a reading...I'm sorry, but I am not gifted like others on this site.

    However, I would like to offer my own humble opinion.

    It sounds like you had a very special relationship with this gentleman. perhaps the distance was more than he could bear...but now that retirement is here he would like to settle down with you.

    You both seem very peaceful.

    Why do you think you drifted apart?

    Long distance relationships are so very challenging...but for the feelings to be there for both of you after enough time of being on your justs sounds very special to me.

    Maybe the drifting was for each of you to determine whether this was something you both really wanted.

    I dont feel any negative energy that would set off alarms. What is it that you question specifically?

    If you can't stop thinking about him, nor him you, and you are both free to explore this relationship ...I say why not at least give it a shot?

    Life is before you can only grow and learn from here.

  • Hi Patchlove,

    Thanks for your advice, greatly appreciated. The reason we drifted is he explained that when he comes home the end of the week there isn't anyone there and he misses me even more and not being around each other creates stress for him. I respect his work schedule and always at peace with being apart from him periodically. My question is should I give this relationship another go and take it from there?.....which is what you have helped me to see that this is a part of life and maybe being apart was what we really needed to determine if our future together. Thanks a million and I will keep you posted as we progress. All the best life has to offer.

  • Thank you Mat,

    I look very much forward to hearing how things are going, and pray the best for both of you.

    You are wise to question the balance of the relationship.

    If he stresses when no one is may mean is he not quite as secure as you are, and you may need to help him overcome the fear of being left alone, to trust that everything will be okay until you are together again.

    This comes from my own experience. I was very insecure in our relationship, but my husbands loving patience with me and positive energy flow has helped me to grow more independent and less needy.

    I believe Love will endure as long as motives are pure and the relationship is honored, based on respect, enabling you to love each other deeply , yet remain independent enough to continue growing as individuals.

    May love and peace be with you.

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