Are there such things as True Soulmates?

  • This topic fascinates me as I really do wonder if there are such things as true kindered spirits, soulmates, those that are meant to be etc.. I really do hope there is, but how come not everyone meets theirs in their lifetime, or do you think if it is meant to be, it will be, no matter what, they will find each other? I would be really interested in all your views on this?

    Thanks 🐵

  • Hi gemini,

    I absolutely believe their are soul mates...kindred spirits...and those we have known somewhere else. How else can the feelings of such close connectedness exist?

    I've known someone for 10 years that I've never met in person...yet at times it has been as though I've picked up on vibrations of emotions even when we havent communicated for a long period of of just thinking.

    I have friends who will connect after Ive thought of them...or vice versa.

    One very wise friend said that we have soul sparks in this life.

    I think a very apt word.


    Precious loving gifts.

  • Thanks for the reply patchlove 🐵 Nice to know, I also agree that you feel like you know certain people as soon as you meet them, there is a connection. I like the word 'Soul Sparks' too!

  • 🙂

    Hope this finds you well and happy.

  • Thank you, very kind of you to reply also! 🐵 x

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