Requesting a Birthday Reaing from anyone who wishs to give their time:)

  • Hello All,

    Some of you I know and there are mnay new that I do not know but blessings to all! If anyone would like to take the time to offer a birthday reading that would be awesome! My Birthday is September 14, 1960, Virgo of course! Time of birth is 8:15 PM. Any and all responses matter to me whether they be in the form of cards, past lives, angel guides future tellings, or simply where you see me now. Whatever you wish to offer is good with me. Relationships, (am single but hopeful), career, life path, life purpose or whatever you see. Thank you in advance for any and all who wish to respond!

    Many Blessings to you and I wish your life to be infused with love and light!


  • Hello RedPetals, i started experimenting with a set of Nordic runes i made, just starting out mind you ! If you'd like a reading by them just let me know 🙂

  • Hi Seehorse,

    Sure, that would be great, thank you so very much! Just don't tell me I have to work any harder, today I did 12 hours, lol

    Many Blessings to you,


  • lol don't know what the runes'll have to say ! Just let me know if you want me to post it here or via pm in the other forum. Oh, there's already a pm there for you 🙂

  • Yo RedPetals got your reading right here ! Just let me know if i post it here or by pm in the other forum ok ? 🙂

  • Hi Seehorse,

    On the other forum is cool with me. Thanks, your the bestest!

  • i know i know...and the modestest too bahahaha your pm'd reading is waiting for you your highness 😄

  • Awesomeest! I will check it out and get back to you. Hey, I know I have not been on here much but what happend to PiceanHealer? Still around? People come and go......or should I say vaporize and reappear at other locations, lol

  • the same thing that happened (and will eventually happen) to other decent people......"vaporize and reappear at other locations" 😉

  • You are in Greece? Correct? What time do you vaporize at night??

  • Hey lemme tell you a secret Red Petals, i vaporize all the time lol ever heard of the "slippery fishes" lol 😉

  • Hmmmm, Slippery Fishes, yes. Yes. Indeed. Don’t forget, I am a Virgo, I analyze, I think endlessly, I delve deep. Can’t help it, it is my nature, as yours is a fish. You are slippery indeed, lol. Carp? Catfish? Eel? You have a favorite fish to “changeling” to? Also, I am well aware fish have lots of territory to cover, theoretically, oceans, tanks, rivers, streams or a goldfish bowl? I have a brother who is a fish; sometimes I just do not know what to think about him, he just is all over the place. I love him dearly but but slippery and my need to analyze to not mesh all the time, lol. Watch out for piers, don’t swim to close:) Virgos are always watching for those lil fishes!


  • Oh wait, I forgot to add, Angelfish, Saltwater, Barracuda, clownfish, damsels, rabbitsish or wrasses? lol. Wow, such open territory to make fun of, endless.....


  • Hmmm, going to bed now. Hope you wake up in some nice coral bed with your lil children seehorses squealing "Daddy, wake up NOW! lol.


  • i have a photo of the kind of fish i am but i cannot post it here i'll be banned bahahahah i'll pm at the other forum lol As for Virgo's analysis fetish i perfectly understand, i have Virgo ascendant 🙂

  • Yaaaay for Virgo! But I have no Fish rising ascendants:)

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