Aries Woman - Virgo Man Chances in Love

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm really confused these days... How does a virgo man behave in a relationship? I feel so emotionally insecure.. I feel like I'm nothing to him but he keeps saying he wants me and he's been thinking of our future and that he is just not good at expressing his emotions and he is not a text or call person. Goshhh, that's too ridiculous! I'm an aries and I'm too expressive and I can't deal with this kind of attitude. Everytime I start asking him about this, why he seems like ignoring me and all, he feels under attack and he couldn't deal with heart to heart talk! Jeezz, this is the most difficult relationship I ever have. Most of the time, I want to give up but it saddens me so much because I can see a great potential in us. If we're together, we have so much fun! He always make me laugh! But i feel like he is emotionally detached or somethin like that coz everytime I have emotional problem and I cry, he couldnt deal with it! God, why cant he just hug and comfort me? What should I do? We are so emotionally incompatible and it's causing a lot of mental distress on my part while for him, we dont have a problem. As if it's only me who has prob here. Pls, I need help.

  • Dear ConfusedAries

    I just dont know why women do this all the time. You know the answers

    to your questions but you refuse to accept the truth.

    Why are doing this to yourself? Forget him and I'm not going to explain why because he will never change even if you end up together.You will always be frustrated with this guy.

  • Thanks Magickal but I'm asking for aries-virgo chances in love.

    THECaptain, I do need your inputs here... I'm April 15 (Rooster) and hes is Sept 18. (Ox) Or anyone? Thanks a lot... xxx

  • ConfusedAries, please go to the thread "The heart of a Virgo man", you'll find all the answers there. It's a very long reading, but you'll get the picture almost immedeately. Lots of Aries ladies there, sharing their experiences with Virgo men. It's almost like a formula - so predictable, once you see the pattern ! I, for one, have been living with a Virgo man for more than 10 years, could sign under every word you said, and I'm sorry to report - nope, nothing can be done. Just live your life as happily as you can, because you are only going to waste years and emotional energy on him. Most Virgo men are just not capable of sustaining a mature, affectionate, loving, long lasting relationship.

  • Dear ConfusedAries

    If you are really a rooster & he is an Ox of course there is a love match here. But you will

    have to be the tolerant, understanding & patient one. And him being a Virgo is even

    difficult because AGAIN Virgos are emotionally dettached. They are not going to change believe what the threads are saying here about Virgos. But if you are so in love with this guy and want to try him out and be frustrated go ahead. Its only you that will be able to make the decision. The Virgo thread should help you out ahead of time if you like to listen to the complains.

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