Shuabby please I would like a reading from you

  • dear Shuabby,

    I am in a crossroad at the moment and very much would appreciate your insight. I am married and looking for leaving it in a the future, as it was a long drag of unhappiness. Meanwhile I have been in a romantic situation with someone, platonic, which is in a relationship on his side too, but has always given me the non-verbal impulses of pursuing me, in a very special way. couple of occasions went with bumps of egos between us, those last 2 years. always, out of passivity, anger show up on him toward me, and then back again to pursuing things from the start. he kept waiting and i have seen him in love and angry with me but nothing ever happened. last month he stopped talking and then back to smiling and talking again. there is a strange non-verbal connection between us. we never could break through to meet because of the difficulty on the situation. once he tried a year ago, he would became all red in the face and barely could finish his sentences. very shy, on the other hand i see him very communicative with others. However, I was trying to let go, while he kept pushing with his anger and some actions. so just now I approached him, to meet and talk. the first move on his side was very optimistic, but I am still in waiting. I have no opinion on what next but feel like this is either gone make it or break it and I feel am so done with him after this time. I am very balanced right now as compare to long time ago when I was infatuated with him. So I wonder what do you see coming and if it is worth it all together. Also what could you say about my marriage ?

    thank You a lot for your time and insights,


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