The dreaded Three of swords???

  • i have recently had a reading, i wanted to know if mmy ex would come back to me, previous readings have said that he would, however i asked if it was likely he would move on and the reader drew the 3 of swords but she said that this meant 'he wasnt looking for another relationship and i need not worry and that he is just having some time out'

    but when i researched the three of swords i saw that it indicated betrayal and a 3rd party. I have had a few guys interested in me so i dont know if it meant them guys. but i asked specifically about my ex. so i dont know how to take it. Should i take it how the reader says?

    any help would be much appreciated. thanks,

    claire. xx

  • It depends on the question you asked, how good the reader is and what other cards were in the spread. If the three of swords showed up as you - it has nothing to do with other guys in your life - it has to do with how you feel about yourself right now - which is broken hearted. Yes the card does mean betrayal, but it mostly means that the querant is feeling broken hearted - not that there is another person involved. Again - it depends on where it lies in the spread and the surrounding cards - it also depends on the question you asked.

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