Should I continue pursuing my former Taurus professor?

  • AriesPiscesaquarius,

    He will stay with his wife, if you want to have an affair with him you better be ready for a long wait. He is charmed by you and it feels like you would like for him to open some doors for you if possible through your friendship with him at this point. He is an honorable man and will help you in a way that will help your career if asked. I don't feel him playing any students on the side, perhaps he may be the one being played. What are your true intentions here?

    I'm a clairvoyant reader meaning I read energy mostly. I feel you are wanting all of the things the professor already has and earned in this lifetime. Yes, he is a good teacher and possible mentor. You need to leave the images of AMOUR out of the equation in this friendship in which is being initiated by you.

    There is a man coming into your life down the road a bit. He will be intelligent and have his own business established, I sense him to be in his late thirties touching forty. He will be single and may have never married that is until there is you. He will have a wonderful sense of humor and be able to really keep you interested on more than one level, he likes to travel and I see a boat here. Yes, you will be on fire for this one and he comes in as a water sign, so he can keep the embers burning. He is not that far away from you, by December you will know him.


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