To Angela Victoria

  • Hi Angela

    Ive done your celtic cross reading

    Card1) Ace of Pentacles - Currant situation

    Currently your are going through some financial issues , i feel an offer of help is on its way . I also feel that you will be dealing with figures like an accountant does or you will be learning something along those lines .

    Card 2) 8 of Wands - What crosses you

    Your energy is scattered and everything will be happening at once and i feel this could easily throw you off course unless you maintain focus and stay in control .I feel you will be making plans to travel be prepared for sudden unexpected disruptions .

    Card 3)Page of Cups - The basis of the situation

    I feel you will be taking on a course of study as you want to learn more , i have to say i feel t is of a spiritual nature i get a feeling that you are open to energy and have been experiencing the paranormal and i also see you predicting events before they happen ,

    Card 4)Page of Swords - Past influence no longer serving

    I feel that there is someone from your past that has caused you a whole lot of trouble, but you still continue to let them into your life and contrary to whatever this person might say about changing and turning a new leaf unfortunately it is still lies , they will never change and deep down in your heart you know this to be true .You need to let go and move on i feel this could be an ex partner ,.

    Card 5) Queen of Wands - Your goals and ambitions

    I feel you do possess the traits of this Queen , you are warm hearted and kind everyone feels the positive energy you radiate . You will excel in whatever you do as you are a very eager and enthusiastic person .

    Card6) 8 Of Coins - Near Future

    I see you working really hard int he near future you will establish yourself in your line of business and you are being noticed for it as you have a good head for business and you will achieve great success .

    Card7) Ace of Wands - How you see yourself

    You see yourself as a very creative person , you are always eager to learn more and love inventing new ideas , you like to be constantly on the go .I feel you are always up for a challenge and you are not afraid of hard work .

    Card8) 8 of cups - Your environment .

    I feel you are currently not satisfied with your environment you are looking for a new interesting challenge , i feel as if life has become mundane for you . I feel that you will move away from this very soon .

    Card 9) 9 of coins - Your hopes and fears

    You hope you will be happy and have everything you want and need materially and financially but you fear that none of this will work out, you need not worry whatever has happened in the past will not resurface again you have worked hard for what you have . I see you receiving an ongoing abundance of prosperity and happiness in the future

    Card10) 10 of wands - Outcome

    I know that you are a very independent person who love challenge, but i feel you are carrying to much weight on your shoulders you need to allow others to help you every now and then . I also feel that you will have trouble in the middle area of your back ,i feel that this could be to do with a work place injury so be very careful when lifting anything heavy avoid it if you can .,

    I hope to can realate to most of this please let me know im open to the negatives .

    Thanks for letting me read for you

    Love, light and hugs Loap:)

  • Wow so my biggest impression of this reading is that it's flattering... a complimentary reading, all in all.... Thank you very much, LivingonaPrayer!

    1. Financial issues is correct! My own self undoing... Budgeting is a regular past time of mine! 😛

    2. Scattered energy... That's for sure! I have so many things on my plate and even thought I don't feel like I'm spreading myself too thin, I think I might be. I AM planning on traveling! I have to get a major surgery within the next couple months and they've delayed making the appointment for a month now. It's a very frustrating situation... Travel issues might not help with that anxiety :

    3. Lately I have been reading into things pretty intuitively. The day before my sister's partner passed away (unexpectedly) I had just been thinking about how I hadn't experienced a loss of a loved one for a while and it scared me. I've been thinking about trying to develop that part of me to see where I'm most attuned.

    4. Past person: Spot on. I've had another person mention the fact that I was moving past this person... I try to keep a friendship but that with a first love isn't quite productive.

    5. Warm hearted queen?? That's fabulous! I'm happy to have that relate to my goals and ambitions 😄

    6. Work would be a wonderful thing to advance in. Hopefully my choice of degree (computer information and office systems) will help me out there... My specific job isn't independent but it has a lot of room to move up. My boss was talking with our director about bumping me up to a position with more responsibility soon.

    7. This card kind of is how I see myself! Or how I'd like to most of the time.

    8. Gah! I am almost always trying to look for new challenges. Next I'm thinking about learning to speak spanish and read cards... I may stop taking my piano and singing lessons because I just don't feel the passion for performing.

    9. this one just puts sunshine into the rest of my life. I live in the rainforest of Alaska, so that's pretty cool.

    10. I am quite independent and I enjoy new ventures... Pretty sure I'll be getting plenty of rest here shortly (when I heal from my surgery) so maybe I'll be able to do some reflecting.

    LoaP- Funny thing you should mention my middle back, I have a misshaped vertebrae smack in the middle. When I'm active and keeping muscles there, it doesn't bother me much at all. One of my jobs involves bending and occasionally lifting heavy racks of clothes. I'll be careful.

    That was a fantastic reading. Thank you 🙂 Now I should take key points of the readings I've got from you and from Seehorse and do something with them!



  • Hi AV,

    You are very welcome and thankyou for the feedback ,im so glad that you could relate to it all . I just mostly went with what i felt , yes be very careful with your back i feel you could easily do some damage if you lift anything heavy .

    Take care love, light and hugs Loap:)

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