Eros and Psyche

  • I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on an Eros and Psyche connection. Our Eros signs are conjunct in Cancer and our Psyche signs are conjunct in Aquarius. Everything I'm finding seems to talk about an intense connection if Eros is conjunct Psyche, but doesn't mention the above connections.

    His sun is in Cancer, mine in Scorpio.

    Thank you so much for reading this!

  • Were you two born the same year?

    Here is some stuff that I have on each of these.


    Greek god of love called Cupido or Amor in Latin, son of Hermes and Aphrodite. He protected psyche from his mother's vengeance, and when he married her she became immortal (there is alot more to the story though)

    *Astrological interpretation as sexuality, eroticism, passionate romance, being "turned on" * Sexuality; reproductive organs; the heart & cardiac system; the history, experience and behavioral repertoire of eroticism; joie de vivre; what “turns you on;” the Will to Live (the “passion” for life.) "


    wife of Eros, ordered not to look upon him but persuaded by her sisters to do so, he awakes, leaves her, she bravely searches for him and is finally rescued by him after his escape from imprisonment in his mother’s house. Zeus grants immortality to Psyche at the request of Eros, the word meaning “soul”

    *Astrologically interpreted as the psychic and physical bonding; erotic love; raw psychological wounds and recovery * Recognition of childhood trauma; raw wounds psychologically; vulnerability; memories; insight; psychic impressionability; psychological recovery; the state of your “mental health;” head wounds; brain states.

  • No, I'm 1974 he's 1964. That is fascinating, thank you!

  • Hey, if you like the what I have about these two on my myspace I did a blog for a bunch of asteroids and their numbers. I researched alot of what various names mean and what the gods they were named after represented or ruled. I am soooooo serious, I wish I had this to look at when I was first getting into the asteroids. I went through all 200,000 of them with names to find the coolest ones for myself when I had a week off from work and have way more than what is there in my Word. If you go to they will let you do charts for free and at the bottom of the page you can put in as many asteroid numbers as you want and it will put them in your chart for you. There are more than what I have there in my WOrd but I kind of fell off doing it.

  • Just so you know, one of the asteroids in the asteroid belt is named Whiteknight, as in like a whiteknight in shining armour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This asteroid's name totally got me into asteroids. I started finding a correlation between the woman's Whiteknight asteroid placement and the man's Mar's placement.

    I thought the asteroids were so cool because there are so many that they have common names like Jason and Sara and stuff like that. Finding where ones that have significance to you personally IS SO TELLING!!!

    JUst to give you a clue of how RIGHT ON THEY ARE, my Saturn is 13 derees Virgo perfectly aligned with an asteroid named Shawna (my first name, same degree, 13 Virgo) and an asteroid named Spirit (13 Virgo). HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!

    Here is the astrodienst page where you can put in your info and it will do your chart and anyone elses you want for free.

    At the bottom of the page is where you can choose to have them put in various asteroids like Psyche and Eros if people want to know where their's are. It is an empty box you put the asteroid numbers in that you want charted. OH, Psyche is asteroid #16 and Eros is #433.

    Oh, and here is the link to the entire list of the 200,000+ asteroids there are. WAY COOL TO JUST HAVE A LOOKSIE at!

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