S.O.U.L Circle September 11th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Yo good people 10 minutes for this Sunday's Circle of Light, everybody have a great experience !

    I have some urgent business right after so i'll be back here much later to post.

    Have a good time, light up da Universe ! 🙂

  • Hey all- Managed to join in today- got a good feeling, of relaxation, i think lol

    and felt some strong heat in my stomach- and lots of tingle. loads of energy today.

    felt my hands tingling too. Dont really seem much as of yet, im still feeling things- I think my seeing comes in the form of dreams for the moment. though i do see colours now and then, like blues and reds. Yeah there was some good energy here today. Hope everyone else had some good experiences. Love n Light Bee/Lotus xx

  • Hi SH and LP,

    Wow Bee you made it and I missed it. Well sort of, I was asleep, sorry.

    I forgot all about SOUL which is really weird cause I always remember but was completely blank about it today. I did have some interesting dreams though. In one there was a battle being prepared for; dont know much else but I was going to be the last line of defense and in the other I went to a book signing of of one of my college textbooks (as though I was in college) and the author was this really nice older lady and then I went to have a cup of coffee with my sister (I think) but the coffee leaked right thru the wicker cup and the wicker table below it.

    Better set my alarm next week.


  • hey ibelieve interesting set of dreams- thinking i may start a new dream/vision journal again, like my one i had on AngelBee- i think we will be expecting more dreams, and having the most craziest dreams myself lately, so am writing them down more well trying too. so, would proberbly help me remember more if i write it out again, plus the interpretation hunting was fun, and i enjoyed it.

    I still thought of you in the soul circle ibelieve- miss ya. hope we can catch up sometimes.

    Love ya hugs Bee/lotus x

  • How strange, I really thought I had posted right after the circle today. Either I have randomly posted it somewhere or my post did not take.

    Anyway....I was in and out of it for the meditation. Right afterwards, I had the most relaxing sleep I've had since the abscess developed and my headache lifted. Thank you for helping. Although, I am still feeling kind of out of it right now. I am starting to feel better. I feel like hours have passed although its only been an hour since I woke up from napping with this tooth. My sense of linear time today seems off for some reason.

    Love and light,


  • Yo i'm back ! Hey this was my most ridiculous meditation to date bahahaha....my wife was ironing and i had no chance but to (try) to keep the lil' one occupied yeah right. Now just imagine me playing the donkey and trying to concentrate,,,,,or reading the same kid book (did anyone got images of stoopid bunnies or lil butterflies ? my fault lol)

    Ok seriously now i got very intense energy the brief moments i was able to connect. It started with getting an image of a swan, seconds later a sensation like strong tingling on my left shoulder that rapidly escalated to weak electrical current intensity bordering on the unpleasant. Lasted for 2-3 seconds and left shoulder a bit numb for some minutes after. Felt strong energy circling at pelvis and a smaller one behind eyes. Both circling energies had the same orientation but after a while the pelvis one "danced" somewhat differently, was too often distracted to remember details. Got the image of a hammer. After my so-called meditation i felt calm and serene, and a funny thing, a sense of new strength and determination. This is the irst time i had this feeling after a Circle, it got nothing to do with love or the Light, just a strong sense of iron will for a purpose....can't find the right words to describe it. It seems most were distracted today one way or another but hey good to see you again in the Circle Bee/priestess 🙂

  • The electricity feeling might be Kundalini. It can border unpleasant at times when it does any purification. My swelling with my tooth moved to right under my chin. Does anyone know if blackberries have healing properties? I was drawn to buy some today. Just curious.

  • 🙂

  • Hi everyone, See Horse, Ibeleive, Lotus Priestess, Grey Star, Poetic.

    Go glad to see you all in here. I actually missed the meditation this week, but for a very good reason....

    I Got finals this week and with this end of the current school term will also come an end to my tenure with the lovely family that had so kindly put up with me and my children this 6 weeks. in other words, I have found myself an apartment. It is small, a one bedroom and we will be crammed, but the kids and I will be crammed into oour own space for now. I will continue to find a home for my lovelies and me. I pray that it will be soon. I have let the place for 6 months with the expectation that what I want will come my way. I am truly ecstatic, but tempered with a little sadness that this has caused some friction with us all, and another from the Church group has made some assumptions upon my stay with my friends that are mean and smacks of racism. I am hurt and appalled, but I will let sleeping dogs lie. More bad karma can only spoil the good things happening and though tempered by this, my joy knows no bounds. There was also an opportunity to purchase a home from some church members that moved, but it seems that there are some rather costly repairs that needs made on the house and I may find myself with one of those "White Elephants" so I think ?I may just take a pass on it. Oh well. Reconnected with an old friend/flame from high school, we dated briefly in school, and lost touch. Yet another Leo, LOL! When it rains it pours, eh?! Lauren got attacked at school by another child who is autistic and was injured. I had to go and create a real brouhaha at school and on the bus, where she was also being menaced in order to put a stop to it and protect her. What a weird couple of weeks!!!

    But I see some positive things finally happening for me and the kids. I thank you all for adding me to the meditation, and See Horse, I think that really works! What do you think? Maybe we can do this for the CIRCLE members before we go on to the general meditation each week. I am ecstatic, despite the negative drama that has come along with the good stuff.

    I love you all and am looking forward to next Sunday!! YAY!


  • Hey Sunshine i got a feeling more good come your way, now i'm not psychic or anything just a hunch ! Tell you what i think about the Circle working in our favor and stuff, just my opinion. I really don't think we should ask for anything for ourselves at least in this meditation. The original concept was to give without asking for anything in return, and i just know the Universe always gives something back.

    Now i think Spirit already knows all our needs, desires, fears, hopes adn all the dark baggage we all carry inside as well. Spirit doesn't need us to inform it about anything, but i'm sure our subconscious does so during the meditation lol

    We all have our challenges in this life Sunshine, and our lessons to learn. But good people doing good deeds and having Light inside them eventually attract Light along with the hardships. I believe in the Law of Attraction. Give Light-receive Light, give shadow and the shadow consumes you in the end.

    Unfortunately this also means that people who deceive others or use people for their own benefit eventually create more bad karma and their inner darkness attracts more of it to them.

    I say we stay attuned to the Light and it will give to each of us whatever our spirits need to evolve. That's a far more valuable thing than any material asset eh ? 😉

  • Hi Seehorse,

    I found that infection under my chin was called cellulitis. Pretty Painful but I am starting to feel some forward momentum. For a person who loves to talk, I've had to be quiet a lot.


    Sounds like you are having things take a turn for the better. Good news on the apartment!

    Love and light,


  • 🙂

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