Pisces Man Capricorn woman

  • Hi,

    First time poster.

    I'm a pisces man, with libra rising and my moon in libra.

    Last night I had a first date with a capricorn woman. It was amazing. I have never met anyone I connected with on so many levels. It was rare and wonderful and she was beautiful. The evening ended with us going to a live jazz concert out side. jazz in my love. jazz is her second love just behind opera.

    to me it was a mystical encounter. my heart was lost. She wants to take things slow and i told her I would take things as slow as she wants.

    I've never dated a capricorn woman before. I know they like success and I am a successful entrepreneur with my own business that gives me a lot of personal freedom. She is very into astrology.

    What do I need to know about wooing this woman? What can I expect, what should i watch for? what is it like dating a capricorn woman. I know nothing about them.

  • Hi I am a Capricorn woman. I can tell you what I like as one.

    We are very strong independent women.. we like to do the best at whatever we tackle in life. Whether its work related or a relationship. I am a hard worker and I expect my coworkers to work as hard as me. I don't like lazy people.I don't like excuses.

    I am very a honest trustworthy and loyal person....you need me I will be there for you.im your friend for life unless you betray me..if youbetray me ill forgive you if you apologize but ill never forget! I don't trust easily. It takes time for me to trust you.

    As far as romance, im pretty easy going and simple im up for anything .. I don't need fancy resturants or you to impress me. I just want to have a good time and have a good conversation..

    I am very open.. we can talk about anything ..

    I do like to hear compliments and I like to be appreciated ..

    What I would want in a man is complete honesty.. I can take anything you say to me because I will say anything to you .. I want a strong man. I would hurt a weak one..

    well I said a lot lol .. I hope that helps..

    Goodluck 🙂

  • Hi PiscesOnHudson

    Be respectful of her and others, do not lie or rush her, be sensible and sincere.

  • Oh and another thing is, make your intentions clear right from the start it makes things so much better in the long run.

  • Thank you for all the advice. I have made my intentions very clear. Let's hope for the best. Thanks again.

  • Pisces,

    You got the best description of cappy girls from capgirl and crazycap. I would also add that although caps could be shy when they trust you they can be passionate and sensual.

  • Pisces,

    One more thing caps have been described as elegant and the only sign that remains young physically as they age, i.e. at ripe age they start enjoying life after they feel comfortable that they've saved enough for retirement.

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