Shuabby -Feedback, and concerns.

  • Hey girl!

    So, I just wanted to hit you up to let you know you were definitely right about the "old" guy. I know you probably know that, haha, but I think everyone likes to receive feedback anyway. I ended up hopping towns to go back to school, and I didn't hear a single thing from him. I even texted him to tell him what happened because he knew I was going for a type of scholarship, and he didnt answer.

    Anyway, so, thats that. My concern is that i've already met someone here that I think I really like. But, I'm kind of worried. I dont want a repeat of last time, yah know? So, if you could give me some insight into the energies of our relationship, I'd really appreciate it.


  • MariaRia,

    It is always nice to receive feedback. Thanks

    Being an aries you move and think fast , sometimes not stopping to consider really getting to know someone, well the good news is that this time you have put your foot on the brake pedal and will move slower. I feel like this guy will really like you and if he is a Sag you two will really make a good team. He seems to really understand you with time and when and if you deceide to enter into an intimate relationship it will be a long lasting one. There will be another fellow around him that will be a bit jealous of your relationship so please watch out for him , he feels like he has dark hair and eyes . He can not undue what is meant to be so don't worry to much about him. The energies feel warm around this man and you will find that you ask for alone time to study and he will not resent it , he will give it to you.

    You will do well in your chosen field of study but you must give it your all and you will.


  • Hey hun,

    Thanks so much for your response. I'm so glad to hear that....we get along amazingly, but right now he doesnt seem too open to taking it very far. But, your right and I have slammed on the break peddle like WOW, haha. And I think it really is best to get to know someone slowly. Its just hard when he always has so many girls around him. The dark haired guy....hmm. I'll definitely watch out for him and not be worried if he tries to mess with things. This guy is so nice, I really hope I (we) can pull this off.



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  • Hey Shuabby...

    So, I think I need some more advice about the situation with this guy, J.I. There seems to be another girl in the afraid I may be obsolete. Could you please give me some insight?

    Thank you,



    Remember the dark haired guy you said would be jealous of our relationship? Well, I think its his brother!! He basically just asked me out. I can;t believe it, LOL! I mean, we're still just friends but I hope this doesn't.....ruin things. Him and his brother seem to be close. Although I just reread your post and you said not to worry about it, so I wont.

    LOL, good call!

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