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  • Hi Shuabby,

    i just want to say thankyou for your kind words and advice on the other thread i am not going back to that thread as it makes my heart heavy but i want you to know that what you wrote meant alot to me, and i totally agree with you the boy has come to me in spirit and we wants me to let it go so i am . He has offered me a red ballon in spirit so i am now going to release one into the air in his honour as red was his favourite colour . And i hope to release my sadness and all this neagitve energy i have built up inside me as well

    Many thanks again and i hope we can chat more about spiritual things.I actually wanted to ask you do you contact spirits? if so what are your experiences .

    Many thanks again Love, light and hugs LoaP:)

  • LivingonaPrayer

    No, I do not contact spirits as I am clairvoyant, which means I read energy fields around people, sometimes I get pictures and other times I get names, I do a little remote veiwing when it comes to me. I have had expereince with spirit in that I lived in a haunted dwelling and that is a story to tell . I learned a lot when I lived there. I was not afraid but I knew an enity was there and connected to that building.

    Spirituality is amazing to me and I just would not be without it in my life. I go to church too and live in the two worlds of religion as we all can do so if that is what we choose to do. I know that God is with me as at certain times in my life I have ask him to show me that he is there for me and something happens in a short time to let me know that he really does hear prayer and answer it. EX: We brought our first home and on the day the moving van was to show up , we got up early and my husband came to me and said : The car is gone! We of course thought it was stolen but than my intutition told me to call the office and we did and sure enough , you are not allowed to park on the street in front of your home, in which we were not told of, we took the HOA to court and no one won, except we did not have to pay the lawyer fees or court cost. I told God I was upset over this treatment of a Board member calling and having our car towed in and the two hundred dollars we lost getting our car back. We got a refund ck two weeks after which covered the cost of the tow and than some, so at times when things look bad there can be a good that comes after it.


  • Hi Shaubby,

    Thankyou for contacting me here as the energy fields are clear i am a strong believer in energy as well , you have an amazing gift , i am, trying to focus on learning my tarot but its hard with the kids sometimes as you cant hear yourself think . I have made contact with a couple of spirits and i was amazed at how people were relating with what i was saying . I have have strong spiritual energy in my house the other night i thought one of my kids were up as i could hear someone walking around the house so i got up to investigate ,and the kids were sound asleep all tucked up in bed i know they are around . Ive had all sorts happing here from knocking on doors to light bulbs constantly blowing ,i see mist on awakening and it quickly evaporates before my eyes . I know they are listening to me . Im glad it all worked out about your car situation i totally agree about bad things and a good thing comes after it , I am waiting for the wind to pick up so i can send off my red balloon , i told the boy i love him and he will never be forgotten he will always be in our hearts (Australia ) that is . All we can do as parents is our best and i know that things happen beyond our control. Thankyou once again for sharing your experiences with me ,

    Love, light and hugs LOap:)

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