Demonic attachment/haunting

  • Can someone please please help me? I am a Paranormal Investigator/Case Manager with a Western Mass Paranormal Group and am in need of help! I have, through communication gotten myself some kind of negaive attachment which I have caught in a photo and also in evps, actually my old house had at least 3 spirits and I believe one has attachted to me and followed me here. it has spoken to me many times through various devices and has told me what it is although I dont want to give out to much info suffice it to say it is very very negative and has called me vile names. I have strated having awful dreams of a sick natture, although I have had them in yrs past now they have gotten worse. A few yrs back I did have a bad wxperience with a black mass in my room that did attack me via rushing me and then it kind of wrapped around me and was squeezing me is all I can describe it as and then it was gone. The next night I had my first vile dream in which I felt as though I was having sex, I woke up the next morn and actually felt as though it had really happened.Now they are back and I dream a lot about spirits, always have and I am now seeing crazy images at night when my eyes are closed. In the pic I got in my room there are 2 very clear very disturbing images, one is a female sitting on my couch with very long, calf like appearing arms, the other is behind her and its a very big, maybe 7 feet very black shadow with a clear head shape and what appears to be wings. Also when you zoom in on the woman like thing she appears to have a goat like face.Its disturbing and very very compelling a picture.I am at my wits end on what to do here and need a credible medium not some fly by night 200 dollar an hour one. I just wanna know what exactly this is and how to deal with it, I am no loon and I know my Paranormal and this is nothing good any advice would be helpful..thanks Debbie...also my cat sees it and hisses and growls just like she did at the other apt with the spirits there..Help please!!!

  • Treat them like any earthly unwanted visitors - tell them to leave and not come back. But I think you will find that this won't work until you rid yourself of your attraction to the dark side - it draws you more than you may want to admit. Your dreams did not start with these entities. You will contimue to attract dark spirits until you lose your secret fascination for them.

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