Thankyou Blmoon

  • HI Blmoon ,

    I just want to say thankyou for helping me understand why we should forgive when awful things happen , i wouldnt say that i am fully there yet and as a parent it is very hard for me, but i know this boy has come to me in spirit and wants me to stop worrying, so i am going to blow up a red balloon in his honour and let it float into the sky as red was his favourite colour to try to release all this sadness and negativity that i have built up inside me .

    Thanks once again your wise words meant alot to me more that you will ever know .

    Lots, of love, light and hugs Loap:)

  • HUGS! Yes--it's so confusing! Letting go of Anger in a safe way--it gets too black and white--good and bad. Truth is we have to honor our feelings--THEN choose. Don't think I don't have my little solitary hissies---shouting at the walls shaking my fists and yes I on occasion scream I hate you! . But then the garbage is out. Then I have a good cry. I may even have a little private pitty party. But in the end it is just emotion--and we are humans in a human body we are not here as saints. And sometimes if we don't let it out it is toxic sludge that will make us sick or have us exploding over some little thing because we are sitting on a keg of old anger. Be kind to yourself and know that it is good to cry. God gave us crying as a healing thing--it releases chemicals that are good! After my private tantrum I feel lighter and then do something positive--get on with my happy life--enjoy and celebrate the good out there and detach from that unjust evil that made me feel angery. We are not robots or up there with Jesus---even Jesus went to the lonely place of doubt and fear and felt the weight of his abusers.But then he went on walked through it. THIS TOO WILL PASS. The only time--hate and anger are bad is when we are tied to it and it dominates or life and takes all our focus and we can't think of anything else--then it robs us. People get stuck on justice--as if we must make that person pay. Letting go is a gift we give ourselves that leaves justice to a higher force. This does not mean we should not have an abuser arrested or fight back when it's called for it means we make room for good and continue to have joy in our lives. It's a balance. Often, after I have screamed the hate word all alone---later after the storm settles I say a sorry to the universe and forgive myself and then get up go on with my life and make happy tracks. It is healthy to be honest about your feelings. Just do no harm. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I think for me the hardest thing is to accept that these bad things happen especially to defenseless children ,even animals if i hear a story of how an animal was beaten to death well thats it im off crying for days and cant seem to focus on anything else , i have to learn how to control this and all the anger that boils up inside over these things . I just wish we all lived in a perfect world where everyone was safe and protected ,but unfortunatley we are not and all we can hope for is the best , ive drummned it into my childrens heads about stranger danger and all the worst scenarios ( without going into all the gory details that is) So i just pray and hope that nothing like this ever happens to them . I sent off the red ballon today and told Daniel that he will never be forgotton but i have to let this go for my own well being . I felt he was happier to. I now feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. My heart feels lighter as well. Once again many thanks for sharing your experiences and wise advice with me i really appreaciate it .

    All the best, Love, Light and Hugs LOap<3

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