Help understanding these cards please

  • Just need a little bit of help with my spread, I've been speaking to this boy over the internet. we got speaking through this girl i met at college, it was her ex years ago... we get on well and he doesn't make me feel insecure and jealous as other people have...I only see him as a friend for now but he's very attractive i was just wondering how he feels about me and i feel about him so I pulled some cards at random

    how he feels for me:

    1 .king of cups

    2. wheel of fortune

    3. 2 of cups

    4. queen of pentacles

    5. king of wands

    how i feel for him:

    1. the emperor

    2. queen of cups

    3. 6 of swords

    4. 3 of pentacles

    5. 8 of wands

    just wondering if anyone can help 🙂

  • Did you assign a meaning to each of the 5 positions? Here is what I see based on reading with no specific card position in mind...


    1. a person who responds to others with compassion, and who cares deeply

    2. fate, or an unexpected twist

    3. a connection with you that results in strong attraction

    4. he sees you as practical and loyal- trustworthy

    5. time to take action


    1. a need to feel organized, thorough, and in control

    2. listen to your heart- don't over analyze

    3. you feel lost and discouraged, but you must keep moving forward

    4. anything is possible, you need to talk to him about your feelings

    5. take action, and you will discover the truth

    Hope this is helpful...and what you were hoping for 🙂

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