Help understanding these cards please

  • Just need a little bit of help with my spread, I've been speaking to this boy over the internet. we got speaking through this girl i met at college, it was her ex years ago... we get on well and he doesn't make me feel insecure and jealous as other people have...I only see him as a friend for now but he's very attractive i was just wondering how he feels about me and i feel about him so I pulled some cards at random

    how he feels for me:

    1 .king of cups

    2. wheel of fortune

    3. 2 of cups

    4. queen of pentacles

    5. king of wands

    how i feel for him:

    1. the emperor

    2. queen of cups

    3. 6 of swords

    4. 3 of pentacles

    5. 8 of wands

    just wondering if anyone can help 🙂

  • He has very strong feelings toward you (King Cups), and sees something with you worth taking a chance on (Wheel plus TWO cups). He sees you as someone very grounded and confident, and he likes that (Queen Disks). He has concerns that you might have some issues with other guys, or past stuff coming back to haunt the relationship (king wands) however this is the last card and so not a biggie.

    You see him as the Emperor, very strong, virile, a take charge kinda guy and you like that. He doesn't make you feel in secure or possibly jealous, because you sense he has his act together and will do the right thing in matter of love. You see yourself as someone willing to love him unconditionally, the power of love is very strong in your life. You are also willing to take a chance with him and set sail for whatever lands love has for the two of you (six swords). You like imagining the possibilities for the two of you in a life together, you like dreaming about him and what the two of you could accomplish (Three Coins), and you are ready to get this show on the road (Eight Wands).

    He has a wheel and you have an Emperor, so a one to one major arcana balance that is nice. Also you both have a very nice mix of minor arcana cards so there is nothing out of balance there. He one more cup than you, which should work in your favor. You have a full set, cup, wand, pentacle and sword. So he sees you with a sword and wants a sword too, He would like to play with you because you have one toy he doesn't have.

    This looks fantastic to me! Others will share their view as well I am sure.

  • Thanks AstraAngel, That sounds fantastic beens as we haven't met...I can see how he would think I have issues with someone else, As I was seeing someone whiile we was chatting but didn't work out so that makes sense, I hope it stays all fantastic! 😄

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