Taurus male! I'd love insight.

  • It looks long but it's quite simple. I'll keep this as short and sweet as possible. I've met him four times. PLEASE take the time to read it! 🙂

    We met through some mutual friends at a party, were really into each other, drawn like magnets the whole night. I chose to leave because I didn't want to take things too fast and he excepted that. I called him when I got home and then we both went to sleep.

    I didn't hear from him at all until I ran into him at my friend's 21st bday party... Only this time he was acting like nothing had happened being very "cool" about everything. I wasn't drinking and he was toasted by the time I got there. We ended up staying at the same house that night and had a good night... not like that. He took me home that day because my friend I had come with was dating the birthday boy. Yet again I didn't hear from him after a few text messages.

    Then months later when I had pretty much forgotten about him I ran into him at the bar with our mutual friend. I had seen them earlier, I knew he was looking at me (it was obvious) but I played it off well enough so he didn't notice... I was too shy to approach him. I ended up running into them in there eventually and of course I said hi. He immediately smiled at me and was kinda nervous seeming, blushing and all that. He gets up and says he has to use the bathroom and walks away nervous as hell. I kept talking to his friend and played it off.

    By the end of the night we were talking at the bar about work and what we've been up to and all that then he just locks eyes with me in mid conversation... Like he couldn't help himself, he may have even been in mid sentence haha. It was the most captivating thing I've ever seen. We held eyes for what seemed like a long time and he looked down eventually.

    When we parted we were talking all night via text/calls... our last call lasted like 30 minutes it was awesome. I kinda drunk dialed him a little but he called me the next morning and we laughed it off.

    We were talking that day then I didn't hear from him until I invited him out again the next week... He texted back freaky fast at first then left me hanging when I asked him if he was gonna come (games maybe). We saw each other as I was walking to the broom and then I went on my way to take care of business. He ended up texting me while I was outside telling me he was playing pool inside. I walked in there with my friend eventually and we were all hanging out. He was outgoing with everyone but when it comes to he and I we get really shy when there's other people around but we still talked... It's weird but kinda cute at the same time. Not as much eye contact but there was real intensity there

    Anyway we ended up slipping outside alone somehow and kissing in the rain that night and maybe an hour after we parted ways. He's playful earthy and passionate with me and we joke and get along GREAT. He texted me the next day around 1pm and we were talking for a good while then once the conversation stopped I haven't heard from him sense. His body language is always positive but he just seems so dang shy! I get those penetrating looks every time I see him.

    I sent him a request on FB but he hasn't responded yet. He's going out of town today for a couple weeks for some training so I figured he was all busy with that. Trying not to obsess over it.


    1. Do you think he's just really shy and into me or what?

    2. How should I handle the situation as far as contact goes if you were me?

    His info:

    sun: taurus

    moon: aqua

    merc: taurus

    venus: aries

    mars: pisces

    My info:

    sun: aqua/pisces

    moon: leo

    merc: pisces

    venus: cap

    mars: pisces

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