How to keep Gemini man intested even after the sex?!

  • I know it was stupid and that I made mistake by giving up too easily to that Gemini guy.

    At the beginning I thought of him only as One night stand, so I went for it without second doubts. However, after the sex he invited me for lunch, then few days later he surprised me with flowers for my birthday, then we spent another night together and all the way he was acting as if we're together.

    He was acting so nice and warm so I started liking him in a more deep way.

    Yesterday I text him that I want to take him to a movies night and 5 min later he called me to confirm that he's free and to decide when and where to meet. I was happy because first he called back and second he agreed to go out with me, but my happiness was a short one. He called like 3 hours later, appologizing and asking me to pospone the date for next week as he needed to revise his Senior Thesis.

    I don't know what to think of him, because he still writes and stays in touch ... but then again he is not eager to see me. I guess It is because he already had me and I'm not a challenge for him anymore.

    Please don't blame or judge me. I just want to know if there's any way to make him interested again?

    A male friend of mine told me that the best approach is, to not pick my phone if he calls, thus make him wonder what is going on ... Still I just don't like playing stupid childish games like that.

    What are my best options and chances here ... Any advice is wellcomed 🙂

  • Also ... Do i have any chances at all ?

    I'm a Leo with many fire placements, and when I declaire someone to be unsuitable for me ... that is my final decision. No matter what that person does, he'll always be unsuitable and I wont change my mind.

    Are Geminis also like that... Do I stand any chance for him to change his mind about me, and to take me more serious than just sex .. Or is it a lost cause.

  • Have you tried spicing things up or down according ly to both you comforts?

  • Show him a little bit of interest, but not too much. I dated a Gemini male for more than 2 years. Almost the same scenario. Don't ask him on a date. Show your interest in a slow and clever way. But it has to be subtle. And wait for him. he'll come to you if he wants to..:-)

  • Crazycap.. I'm trying to be relaxed and not to push the things too strong with him, because I want him to take the lead.

    When he postpone the date I told him "No worries it's fine", even though I felt really down at the moment.

    I just want to know how to make him chase after me again ... even though we aleardy made it out 😞

  • Majestictwilight 🙂

    As I said I already invited him, and eventually he postponed the date ... As a Leo it is pretty hard for me to be subtle as we prefer to be straight and frank and risk to be broken .. that wondering what the hell is going on.

    Although I think I shuld follow your advice and not make any more moved on him for now ... wait for his actions.

    Do you think I made a fatal mistake by inviting him out ?!

  • What made him interested in you in the first place?

    Are you both together or friends?

    I mean spice things up by flirting with him if thats what you do or do the same or something similar when you first seen each other? How long have you been friends/together?

  • Well I can't be sure ... We met thorugh a common friend and I think he liked my fast mind and the tendancy to stick to my opinion even though it defers from his.

    I'm still the same person and do the same things, but the fact that I like him makes me a little bit more fragile I guess.

    I guess the best thing I could do right now is to act a little bil indifferent to him

  • Because I already showed him interest ... The HELL I even invited him out to a movie...

    Was I out of my mind ... Can't believe I was so stupid now

    Now he knows that I want him ... and I have no idea whether he want me back ...

  • If you feel he's not into you, moveon

    Also you cant make a guy interested in you, he's either interested in you or he's not

    Having sex is not about giving in to someone, if you find yourself in that situation again, move away from it.

    Sex is b/w two adults that both want it and neither have to give up easily for it

  • If your not ready to have sex with anyone than dont

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