• A place to chat about something other than relationships. As relationships have swamped the whole threads .

  • This is so true... What's on your mind? ❤


  • Loap, i sense a heretic out, the zombies are out to getcha lol

  • How about a dirty jokes thread.....would love one !

    Hey Angela Victoria, remember that book you proposed to me looooong ago "God's Debris" i read it some time ago, very interesting (although mind-bogglin') many thanks 🙂

  • You read it?? That's awesome! It was rather intriguing! It's "partner" is called The Religion War and it's pretty interesting. More of a story, though, than a mind boggler.

  • That's good cause my poor brain can't process much now lol

  • Honestly, I think I need more mind blowing stuff... My mind goes so many places all the time I think I need something to grab hold of it!

  • Lol welcome to the club i bought a book about evolutionary astrology (too mind-bogglin' but extremely interesting !) then discovered Prana, then the runes and made a coupla sets lol now i try to get to know them and suddendly yesterday i read somewhere about a Phoenix deck of cards (tells us about past lives) and went absolutely crazy " !!" lol and will order them along with a deck of karma cards i know i'm like a kid in a candy store but i think that's the whole point with this stuff (and everything for that matter), enjoy life let yourself free to play, i don't have to become an expert with anything. I strongly believe one of our main obligations while we're here on this Earth is to HAVE A GOOD TIME TOO !! 🙂

    Hey i just LOVE the X-men hahaha

  • I agree with you completely! I feel the same way! I keep finding all these things I enjoy so I keep piling on things to do in my free time.. It's like a big fun project, lol.

    I just run out of money for all of it sometimes. Maybe I should work on that.

  • Wow past life cards that sounds really cool did you order them on amazon? Me too that is my dirty little secret, I love to buy that stuff I just love to have it and life is too short not to have it.

    Oh it is so relaxing here, no relationship worries.


  • HI Guys

    Im ROTFL with those pictures he he he yes i have all the oracle and tarot cards in the world and never seem to have time to read them they are piling up high on the shelf collecting dust .

    Ive just had some religouse nutters knocking at the door at10 am on a saturday where do these people get off? . grrrr get a life dont they realise that some people might like to sleep in if they are lucky and swan about in their nightie and dressing gown .

  • Yes, those pictures were quite entertaining! 😛 I love stuff like that... Glad Seehorse started it because it definitely lightened up my day...

    I'm not very talented at reading cards... But I have not practiced much! Maybe this will be the spark that opens up a new hobby to me, haha. I know there are plenty of people here who know a lot about tarot cards! The different decks all sound so cool!

    LoaP, you should put a funny sign on your door for the nutty knockers. Then take a picture of it for us 😛

    "Thank you for considering knocking on my door to tell me all your fanciful opinions of why I should attend your church... But I'd rather you consider my sleep schedule on Saturday mornings."

  • Hi Angela

    Yes that was funny dont get me wrong i have nothing against religion but these guys through the peephole literally looked like the Men in Black lol they came back 3 times in 20 minutes so i rang my nieghbour and asked her if it was the police she said dont worry its only the the Jehovas .talk about eager lol

    Well i just couldnt help myself i went down to the shops and bought myself a new deck of oracle cards to sit on the shelf and collect dust like the others lol, but i really wanted them they are Doreen virtue life purpose cards ive never heard of them before .

    Can i pick you a tarot card for the the day Angela? if its ok as im trying to practice all i can .

    Love , light and hugs Loap:)

  • Hey Loap i've got a sign for your door right here bahahaha

  • Got mine too 😛

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oh no Angela no ill will at all i was worried i might have offended someone, as i didnt mean any ill will either but isnt it sad that we have to watch what we say today ? You cant joke around anymore without anyone taking offence or wanting to sue someone its a crazy world we live in.

    Your card of the day is 8 of swords

    You are currantly feeling trapped by circumstances and you feel there is no way out yet this is of your own doing and it has gotten out of control all you have to do is say the word which i strongly feel is NO you need to be more assertive. I feel you are not seeing things as they really are . I feel that people are not taking you seriously as you are not standing up for yourself . Remember that you are in control of your life its your destiny you need to take a new approach to release yourself from this difficult situation in order to move forward .

    I hope this makes sense i would love your feedback positive or negative

    Love, light and Hugs Loap:)

  • HI SH,

    Now you have me in fits of hysteria my friend he he he he i have to get me some of them signs lol for those men in black but it must be a flashing neon one . Now can i pick you a card my friend?

  • Thank you LoaP!

    So the area in which I'm trapped that is my own doing... I suppose I could relate that to my love life. However, this is not the right place to talk about such things 😛

    Maybe my lack of self control regarding impulsive decisions, as well. I always feel so proud of myself when I'm able to decline my urge to buy something or eat until I'm bursting or take on a new project when I'm spread so thin already... I do feel as though my life is full, enjoyable and not overwhelming but I've got to work on some adjustments.

    That actually gave me a lot to think about... Thank you! 🙂

    P.S. - I'm not so sensitive to light comments about those touchy topics. I knew you didn't mean to step on toes! 🙂 Just thought it would be good to cover bases before anybody took offense to my follow up.

    Seehorse, those are ridiculously dirty but quite comical... You know these people probably didn't register what they were acually putting on the signs... Which is the funniest part to me.



  • Your welcome Angela ive thought about starting a one card thread but im a bit hesitant incase i get in over my head i would actually like to do more detailed readings as i dont think one card isnt enough but i dont have the time id like to, I can do you a celtic cross which is a 10 card spread if you like and start a new thread to you but it might take me a couple of days , Yes those signs are funny im going to google some more lol .

    🙂 LOAP

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