What does my dream mean, does anyone know???

  • I dreamt i was waiting outside our local pub with the guy I have just started seeing and an old man pulled up in a car and picked us up, he seemed drunk and he climbed into the back of the car so there was nobody driving it, it was going on its own. when I said is someone going to grab the wheel they just didn't and the car was going faster and faster. in the end i jumped in the driver seat to stop the car and then i woke up.

    I felt stressed and panicky when i woke up.

  • Hi, Emily. I think this dream is about you feeling that your life is out of control in some aspect. Possibly something to do with relationships, and your perception of men as unrealiable. You feel that you have to do everything yourself in order to avoid the "disaster". Alternative interpretation - maybe you trust and rely on men too much, and through this dream your subconscious mind is telling you that you have to assume the responsibility for your own life and take the lead.

    Also the older man might represent a father figure/God. Again, the message would be to trust your own judgement more and to be pro active. Anyway, you are the only one who knows what rings true.

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