What do these vision mean???. Capricorn 01 16 1981

  • What do these vision mean.

    (2 visions)

    I was at a night club with friends or family(ladies). I was standing at the bar and remember seeing a bright blue light but every thing eles had black tent . I sipping my drink when a tall slim guy walk up, leans against me and his face against my ear. This man was not a stranger cause I didn't feel threaten nor angry... smiling.


    I was kissing someone special and I only remember seeing our lips...Wow! Im not the most affectionate person and when a man has tried to kiss me I turn my face away. This man must really be someone special!

    Please Help!

  • Beleza,

    I would say that these visions mean you are longing for love and looking for the right man to start a relationship with. Bright blue light means clam, secure, happiness. When you meet this man he will not feel like a stranger to you because you will connect well and have fun and a good intimate relationship.

    He is close by so keep your eyes open and you will know when you have meet him.



  • OMG ! thank you so much Shuabby thank you for answering my blog.You are so right.

    I don't have much tolerence for the typical guy and I want something that will grow and last.

    Again, Thank you!

  • I have been asking for a detailed love reading, do you mind doing one for me, more about this man you mention in my visions. Please Clairvoyant Shuabby !


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