Cancers and taurus, why didnt it last??

  • okay hello i am a cancer, 25 yrs. old born july 11th. and i am in love with a taurus but i was just told we will be divorced by tomorrow and im wondering what went wrong. i thought he was the one. i mean we went through every little thing you could imagine in a marriage. i have read on every sign out there for cancers and they seem to fit just right. i love that man so much. tauruses get down and out and shut you out. it wasnt a struggle to be with a taurus,not for cancers, they put up with our mood swing and emotions and dont complain at all. why can he see we really do mean good to people. i am heartbroken but i cant let him see that. im afraid because i am here all alone starting my life all over and praying a change will come for me. i am a great person. god created a wonderful woman and i may have did alot of things but im not what he thinks of me. we are the sweetest women in the world us cancers, we love with everything and you will always be satisfied. tauruses....i mean can someone tell me whats the best thing about a cancer because i been with him 7 yrs. and i just didnt get it right i guess. i hate i have to be my own hero, but i cant give up because god put me here for a reason. just want to know whats the best thing about cancers.

  • i wrote this one before this one before me a few days ago. thought it didnt come up but i guess it did. sorry. hello everyone, i am also a cancer 7-11 to be exact. woooow, cancers can be a hand full i know. but my life is upside down right now. i am 25 and goin through a divorce. been married almost 7 yrs. and he was my bestfriend. hes in the military so its stressful,2 deployments and this 1 tore us apart. he no longer wants to talk to me, we are seperated now, and its so hard for me because hes all know and love since i was 18. hes a taurus and what i am trying to understand is how come hes the best sign out there for cancers like we have scorpios and virgos and pisces that are good but i just cant find any man thats better sign. i am very old fashioned and dont care to much about what goes on in the world besides pleasing my man. i love him so much that its not a word to describe it, its beyond love, i can love you so much you would think ur walkin on air with me. its so hard because nothing is going right for me. i never worked the entire marriage and now its hard for me to find a job with no expierence, i have been tryin i will never give up on myself now that im on my own, with nothing, he has it all. im not a bad person. i know what i want, i was made by god and he took his time when he gave me my heart. i am a great woman but he gave up on me and everyday i cry before i get up because i miss him. hes leavin to go to iraq for the third time and wont even talk to me,the person who knows him like the back of my hand... it hurts so much because i have been through so much this past 2 years. i wish cancers could just be a strong as other signs, and not show so much emotions because men feed off of that and i hate sometimes that i am so damn sweet. my husband knows hes wrong for leaving me in another state and goin back home without me. tauruses are so stubborn at times, makes you wanna pull your hair out when they dont listen. i really put all the other signs up against me and the tauruses are the only one who can put up with our emotions and love to be at home and eat all your cooking and make you laugh.virgos and scorpios and pisces. i have a great husband and i can never complain but i think i may have smothered him with all my love, and mood swings. i hate im so emotional. i love being a cancer because we are the best when it comes to loving another human being. i argue alot and im working on that, but man when cancers love they give you all they have inside and sometimes its to much. just trying to understand myself, i have been told i have difrrent personalitys but thats not true, im jus diffrent,in everyway and i can be any woman you want. im great at being me though...a cancer. i just wish that things go right for me in the future, i like to stay in my marriage but how do you bounce back and be strong because we tend to care about love above all else like life stops when we end a relationship. i hope my husband stays with me, im not good at fighting for my man, we are in two diffrent states and he wont talk to me. i know god hears my prayer and still loves me as well. im writing this because i read my horoscope every day hoping it better for me. i have never did this before though, i just thought that since its my month i post my feelings and thoughts on here for someone to explain to me the best things about cancers because i dont know anymore. i know we are big romantics. my husband doesnt know what he did to me so im gonna leave at that. whats the best thing about cancers??

  • Hi Ashley, looking at the date of your post, don't know if you're still around to get this but I'll give it a try anyway. I'm a Cancer too, 7-7. It's hard to know how to respond to you because you don't say why he's ending things with you (may be why you didn't get more responses). Can you tell us a little more about why/how things got to this state? You made a statement about other men..."hes the best sign out there for cancers like we have scorpios and virgos and pisces that are good but i just cant find any man thats better sign". I did the math and you got married when you were 18. Unless you dated a lot before you got married, I'm wondering where this statement is coming from. Were you unfaithful while your man was away? Sorry to be blunt, but there's a whole bunch of something you're leaving out of your story. Taurus and Cancer are usually a very good combination (although nothing is perfect and any relationship requires some effort). Anyway, wondered if that was it?

    Now I agree that we Cancers are deeply emotional, but trouble is we don't always express that to the people we care about the way we should. I think we are so intuitive about other people and their feelings, we think they should be able to read us the same way. They can't. I think we're very good at being "crabby" when we don't get what we want, not so good at saying nice things when we are getting what we want.

    As comes through loud and clear in your post, we are also "warriors" when it comes to suffering. We can suck it up and bear pain like no others. I think this is because we are "cardinal" signs as well. We aren't afraid to lead, and that includes leading ourselves to wherever we need to be also. You will work out your problems because that's what we Cancers do so well, whether it's someone else's problems or our own, we are the "mothers" of the zodiac and we will take care of business. You may struggle, but I know you will come out fine.

    Why haven't you told your husband what you're feeling? Given that you have nothing to lose here, you need to dig deep and tell him what you are feeling. Tell him some of what you shared here, about how much you love him and why. I see that you say he's not talking to you, but find a way to get the message to him. Write a letter and try to get it to him through a family member or friend. You owe it to yourself to try. But please, try to focus more on what he means to you and how he makes you feel and avoid listing out all the things YOU do for him.

    I would imagine that he is in a very stressful situation with his deployments, particularly off to Iraq. Have you been sensitive to what he might be feeling being away by himself so many times and under so much pressure? Or when he's home was it more about you and what you needed from him to keep yourself happy? Come on now, you're talking to a Cancer here, so try to be honest. We can be intensely needy and it's easy to forget that other people have needs too. We can use the excuse that what we do for others is out of love, but deep down it's often just as much about our own neediness. Had you been putting your needs before his too often? The whole tone of your letter is a lot about "I" - what I did, what I want, how I see things. You may think that you smothered him, but maybe what he saw is that you were taking more than you gave?

    In any case, I hope that you find a way to communicate with him. Sorry if I've been too honest here, but I am a Cancer so I know the good things about us, as well as the bad things that we sometimes do that can destroy our own happiness...even though we mean well.

  • Hi, everyone, I'm 7/7 also. And I know for a fact that the union of Tauras and Cancer is the best. Like 2 pieces of puzzle fitting togather Cancer women would do anything for their men.

    BUT Cancer women are also very, very independent, and forward. Tauras men are very quitely macho, but loving. But we are great togather. We frighten them, we don't mean to, but we do. We can not truly be figured out. (remember we sidestep everything) And Tauras, can not handle not understanding it all! It's a small mental conflict that just can't be jumped. We are very strong willed, but at the same time toooo loving, to eager to please. These two things don't mesh.

    We love them so much we learn all of their quirks. Then they spend most of their time trying to figure out how we do it to the point that they have learned nothing about us. Hence the churning pot. We just try tooooooooooo hard to please, to the best mates ever. And they just don't catch it.

  • Cancer's best traits are:

    Too Loving

    Overly Kind


    Keepers of the home, this could be one of our biggist problems. We are total homebodies. WE MAKE THE HOME. We are the stablizer's of the home.

    We need to make everything work. Most signs don't want to take it that far. That is why we are so emotional. We just can't make it all work.

    We are the one's that get taken home for mother's to meet,

    We arn't over adventurist! We would rather stay in the home. Another Fault.

    BUT WE ARE SUPPER GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amen Moonchild1! (Super great to those who appreciate us, or those who survive us, lol, not sure which...!)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Ashley1878,

    Not sure if you are still around, but... It's important not to beat yourself up. Better to look at the positives you both brought, what you learned, negatives you both bought, and what you learned from that.

    Also, and I so wish I could write this in gigantic Magenta letters, but I can't in this paradigm, but it's best to avoid judging relationships and compatibilty by Sun Sign only! We all have all the signs in our charts. We have all 12 houses ruled by signs, and planets which can be in many signs. Out charts are so rich. Sun Signs are a great snapshot, but not the whole picture of the immensely comples beings we are. Imagine getting together based only on a picture, and having no other interests in common.

    For example, a Cancer and Taurus could get together, and have a wonderful Sun Sign combination, but the other planets make a difference. Suppose the Taurus has the remainder of his planets in Air and Fire signs, and the Cancer lady has all her planets in Water and Earth. She is looking for warm, sensual, cuddly, affectionate times, fidelity, tendreness, and hanging out on the home front, perhaps being creative in some way. Mr. Taurus meanwhile is looking for adventures on all levels, exploration, variety, intellectual stimulation and few PDAs. The configurations of planets and how they interact with each other... and how they interact with another person's planets... are extremely important.

    On the other hand, if Ms Cancer and Mr Taurus both have loads of Air Sign planets, the last thing either would want would be a home-y relationship, regardless of what Sun Sign books tell you. They'd enjoy intellectual discussions, exploring of all sorts of ideas and writing and travel and other values, and both would be depressed by being with Mr or Ms Becky Home Ec-y.

    So, don't beat yourself up. Have your chart done by a competent astrologer... preferably one who can erect a chart by hand. Yes, a few of us dinosaurs do exist, and we are good at math, and I can't tell you how many computer programs I have fixed, because the programmer knows computer theory, not astrology and does not know what to correct for to create a blueprint of your planets in the sky at the moment and place of birth.

    Looking at your chart with said astrologer, they can look at the 5th, 7th, and 8th houses especially, though all houses will be important. They will look at your Venus and Mars especially, though I think Jupiter is just as important. They'll look at all planets, and this can give you an excellent idea of your true needs, desires and wants... and steer you to a better match.

    Hang in there, and look at your positive attributes!

  • Hello & blessings to you Ashley, i just read your post, & how i feel so sad for all your worrying & your deep concern for you marriage & for your Husband, May his angels watch over Him & all our troops stationed in Iraq... may they all return home to us very very soon....

    I would print this letter & mail it to your Husband, let him know just how much this divorce is tearing you a part, let him Read just how much your husband,

    this will break his heart, because it would break my heart ~~~

    I don't have the right words for you, because your hubby is not there for you to talk to...

    so this is really difficult for just you alone to handle this all by yourself...

    You did right by posting here , there are many many other's who share something similar to a Cancer or a Taurus sign....

    So with all this Help I am sure, you will find some understanding to it all & start to Feel better about yourself ~~~~

    Be strong Ashley

    many blessings

    love & light

    mille 🙂

  • Hi Ashley! I'm so sorry it didn't work out with your taurus. But Cancer's best qualities are that they are caring and always give it their all in love. By the way, your birth date adds up to 2, which means a fellow Cancer would be an even better match for you than a Taurus(they can be insensitive sometimes).

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