Sept 7 2011 yes or no readings one question per person

  • Hello twinsoul,

    I am new here and very glad I have found your tread.

    My question: Will me and Dino get together again someday?

    blessed be

  • surmya

    June, not too sure. August more likely



  • welcome Debs

    When Dino returns you will be with someone else you love more.



  • Leolou

    Please forgive me passing over your request. It is difficult for me to navigate while in a trance like state. Im learning though. Yes you will my dear.



  • Hi Mia

    honesty is always the best policy. go for it without expectations.



  • geminifairy




  • esophilos

    a life without the weight of ego is a life well studied and learned.



  • Hetty

    I wouldn't if I were you



  • Hey twinsoul good to see you again.- its Angelbee, changed my name. hoping youll beable to help with something.

    my question is, i am loving someone at the moment and its not in a good situation.

    and i know they love me too but its complicated, and wondering if i will ever get a chance to say how i really feel, as im afraid too because of the circumstances, and knowing they want me to tell them , would also like to know, if we have a chance to be together in a actual relationship . at all for as some reason i think i have a past life connection with them, and it goes very deep. Thank you twinsoul, if you could help out on this one, as im not so good with the whole love relationships thing hehe.

    Love n Light Bee/Lotus.

  • Hi TwinSoul

    I have always enjoyed reading your posts. Love these yes and no answers.

    Is Dennis and Elke still seeing each other or have each moved on?

    Thanks so much!

  • Thanks a million Twinsoul.that really helps:)

    God bless you

    Love and Light

  • Thanks Twinsoul, much appreciated and was surprised by the 'yes' answer I was sure it was going to be a no.. I will stick with it then for now. thanks again! x


    How funny i just so happen to be a twin lol.... i hope all is well i was wondering i you can tell me if i should continue dating my virgo man.... Thanks

    love light

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    thanks for this kind offer. I seem to be very unlucky when it comes to meeting guys (been single for a long time, and the last guy I liked and thought he was interested too, found out he's got a girlfriend 😞 so my question is will I meet someone to be in a long-term relationship and marriage, or should I just forget it?

    thank you very much!

    lots of love.

  • Twinsoul, if you are still offering, I would love one. It is very kind of you to make this offer. Can you tell me if Zack and I will marry one day? I am head over heels in love with him, and have been for over a year. I would very much love to have a long term, committed future with him.

  • Thank you Twinsoul, that is music to my ears, although if it wasn't the answer I wanted, I still would of most appreciated your time and honesty, but it is the answer I wanted therefore I am one happy bunny 🙂

    Love and Light


  • Welcome back Twinsoul I hope everything is well for you and your family

    many blessings

  • Hi Twin Soul,

    Thank you for the offer. Here is my question: Will Michael L 7/1/66 and I ever be together?


  • I twin soul what a wonderful offer I thank you in advance for your response

    My question is Should I continue to plan that my husband and i will reconcile or should i be planning a life by myself.

    Me 12/18/44

    Him 3/18/41

  • Just saying hello you are busy enough, pray that all is well! 🙂

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