Sept 7 2011 yes or no readings one question per person

  • Hi Everyone!

    So happy to be back with you!

    One question per person please!

    Yes or no answers only!

    I will go as far as i can , hope I get to you on this round.

    Love and Light and Blessing to you all



    If I get another cyberbug from this site I will have to say goodbye for ever. Admin, I have gotten three miserable virus' from you. Please do something. Thanks

  • Twinsoul! Nice to see you back 🙂 Thank you for this offer!

    I feel greedy asking for all these readings lately...

    You were right about my roommate coming back safely with the baby. They're doing wonderfully!

    My first question: Will Jimmy (sister's boyfriend who passed away yesterday... ) peacefully reach the other side?

    Second question: Out of S, J, and Z (guy friends' first initials) will Z be a good one to start a relationship with?

    Or is looking somewhere else more favourable?

    Thank you! ❤


  • Hi, Twinsoul,

    Hope no more viruses show up (I know I got hit twice myself from here)

    Will I go back to work for my old firm?


  • Hi twinsoul, glad to see you back. Do you see me moving, and meeting someone soon.

  • Hi twinsoul soooo happy to hear you're back, hope you are doing better! :)) (Sorry about asking more than one question last time-sincerest apology lol)

    Do you see me winning any of the screenwriting contest I am planning on entering (Ive entered one so far)?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Twin Soul,

    Do you know why Andrew (dob Sept. 12 1991) was friendly and almost flirtatious with me and then suddenly after he went to college when he came back whenever he saw me (we live in the same neighborhood) he would see very nervous and awkward, doing things like shooting glances at me and then when I look looking away and pretending not to have seen me, taking out his phone and pretending to check out if he sees me walking towards him, etc.?


  • Hi twinsoul 😃

    Will my ex-boyfriend Bill and I make amends and marry each other someday?

  • How will I find the man of my dreams and be financially secure? I know, I know--dream on, but it feels so possible. I just want to know if it is real or wishful thinking.

  • Hi twinsoul, funny I was just thinking about you a day or two ago and thinking about your last yes and no thread. Haven't made the move to Ireland yet but it is in the planning, I need to settle the location. I really have no sensible questions for you because I am in a good place right now, so I will just ask about one location in Ireland. Do you see me living in Youghal?

    Hugs and best wishes

    Paddi Sheelagh

  • Hello Twin Soul,

    This is a brave thread, I'd be scared to upset people through being congruent, they might not get the answer they were hoping for, therefore I admire your courage, honesty and natural talent.

    Gosh there are so many questions I could ask you, but really don't want to bombard you and will just ask the one to be fair. My question is will I have children some day with my partner?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Love and Light


  • Hi Angela,

    Yes, he is ascending as we speak. Sometimes when we go in an unexpected way it takes time to passover, he's gonna be just fine . He is with Louisa he said ????

    I like J the best for you.



  • Ibelieve

    Yes you will



  • marsc,

    yes but not thaaaat soon



  • Asia

    dont give up. keep trying


  • hi Dmick

    glad to be back. sup with your eye?



  • Nina

    jus go up to him and say hello.

  • sherry

    you and bill will be together again



  • Thank you 🙂 I really appreciate the reading! I'm happy to hear about Jimmy... I hope Louisa is nice company... We sure do miss him.

    J is a cool guy. I'll have to see how it pans out!

    Thanks again!


  • firefly




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