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  • Hello, thank you for reading this. I met someone while out of town for work. I was not expecting to meet anyone on this trip. He had approached me and we hit it off great. The first evening we talked for hours and had fun together. Then we kept giving each other smiles the whole next day on Friday. I did see him at the end of the evening after work for a moment and he gave me a huge hug. The next day he made it a point to come talk to me thru the day two different times, to make sure that I would be going to the after get together. When I saw him there, he asked me if I wanted to stay and go to the party or for a drive. I choose to just go do something with him. Again, we had a really nice night together. He asked me for my number and we did text and see each other a little bit until I left to go back home two days later. Since I have been home, he has only text twice within a week and a half. When I was there, he talked about visiting here in a month or so and us going to dinner. I am not sure how often I should be texting or contacting him. I would love some advice on what to do next. I have not dated in a long time, because I am busy sinlge mom. He is a very busy business man. Should I contact him just to say hi and wait again for him to contact me? Thank you in advance.

  • I think you two are part of the same soul family which is why there was such a magnetic attraction. I believe this encounter was a "gift" to you to get you to open yourself back up again - you are appearing as being closed off prior to this meeting. That being said, I am also getting that this was meant to be a situation where someone enters your life - kind of like a fly-by - and is not meant to be a long-term relationship. Bear in mind how extremely difficult it is to REALLY get to know someone when you live apart. Long distance relationships are challenging for those who started out together and nearly impossible for those who begin the relationship with a distance involved. So for now just sit tight and see how it goes. Women - especially at first when the stars of romance and infatuation are in their eyes - want to talk every day (sometimes several times a day), but this can send the wrong message. It creates an energy of neediness and desperation and this type of energy sends a man running in the opposite direction. Let him come to you. And if he does, keep your wits about you and remember that in these situations men are not always completely upfront about themselves. It will take quite some time to truly get to know him if all you are doing is texting each other and making occasional weekend trips.

  • Thank you so much watergirl18!! 🙂 You made several very good points. It definetly was a being in the right place, at the right time situation. We usally do our event at a completely different venue and have had for more then 10 years, but this year was different. I have also missed the last three and this one I could go too. I am being patient, although it is hard. It has opened me back up to where I do know, that I am mssing a companion in my life. I get so busy that I don't think of it most of the time. I miss it more now, that I have had this experience. You forget what it is like to be close with someone that you seem to connect with. I just didnt want him to think that I wasnt interested. We did talk alot when I was there and now we don't. I do know how lond distance relationships are. I have had only one relatinship in 6 years and it was a long distance one. That turned out to be a very heartbreaking experience. This man has also dated women who were long distance in the past and we had actually talked about how hard that is, especially with me having children. I thank you again for your advise. I feel like I have to learn how to date all over again! It is not an easy task, but one now that I am looking forward to and one I am going to make time for. I will wait again for him to contact me. Hope all is well in your life 🙂

  • Hello watergirl & readers,

    I was wondering if you had advice for me, now that more time has gone by. He did text again. It seems to be around every 5 days. He was on a layover in my state and he text to say hi. I did respond by saying hello back and to have fun on his trip. I did wait about 5 more days and I did text him this time first, just to say hi and to say I hope he had a great time on his trip and I asked how he was. He did respond and then asked how I was, I answered of course and then asked him about his upcoming week. It has been two days since then and he did not text back. Should I assume he is too busy and not that interested? I just dont want it to seem that I am not interested either. He knows I have a busy schedule as well. He also knows that Wednesdays are a good day for me to "talk" on the phone. Should I call him Wednesday? Thank you 🙂 Hope you are doing well.

  • I think you should consider the fact that the only time he texted you was when he was on a "layover" in your state. Sounds like a potential booty call to me. Don't call him Wednesday. Instead, why don't you think of ways you can get yourself out there and meet new people closer to home?

  • I didn't think of it that way. You're right. I know I need to that. Thanks again for your advice 🙂

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