Blmoon- A reading for my sister?

  • Hello, Blmoon

    Paddifluff mentioned that I might want to contact you about my step sister's partner...

    His name was Jimmy. He died yesterday afternoon an hour after his lunch break ended- a seizure stopped his heart. I don't have a specific question about this, I was just wondering if you might be able to pick up any messages...

    My sister is heart broken... She has a daughter with him.

    Thank you


  • Yes sorry AV it somehow feels too soon to try and contact him, I do not feel like he has properly gotten his soul over to the other side yet. I can try for you in a couple of days if others can't help first.


  • Thank you so much for trying! It was only about 23 hours ago... I suppose that is very soon.



  • I heard from TwinSoul that he was ascending recently and he's with somebody he knows! It's still sad to think he's apart from us, but it makes me happy to hear that he's going somewhere amazing.

    I just wonder: who is Louisa (lady he knows with him) out of pure curiosity..


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