Celtic cross interpretation

  • I drew these cards for myself but need someone else's interp..please.




    future--near--5 of cups

    7 of cups

    me--5 of coins

    environ--4 of cups

    hopes & fears--king of cups

    outcome--9 of cups

  • You are going through a major change at the moment and it is not a comfortable one (Tower and two 5's with all of those cups!) It seems as though you are feeling a pull toward something and you are not wanting to let go, but the message is to trust - that this change is happening for a reason and is opening the door for some great blessings coming your way. The three 7's denote something great coming to you, however your near future shows that you will be parting with something that you invested a lot in emotionally, however it has not lived up to your expectations (although you might be trying to convince yourself otherwise). The 7 of Cups is looking at or more like opening yourself up to your other options as well as taking your blinders off to your present circumstances and acknowledging what's real. As with everyone else these days, the message is to NOT try to maintain stability as we are all being pushed through the doors of change - we can either walk through peacefully or go kicking and screaming. The Chariot is moving forward and you may or may not have the reins at the moment! This is a reminder to control and direct your emotions rather than allowing them to control and direct you. The King of Cups and 9 of Cups once again are pointing to strong emotions. Is this about a man? I think you might be needing to let go - if not of someone then of something - so that what you really want can come to you. The Empress above - once again a strong indicator of emotions and also sensuality or life force - and I am getting a "nudge" for you to use your best judgement and discrimination rather than allowing your strong need to nurture to rule at the moment.

    Hope this helps...


  • I pulled two cards for you and got...

    Bravado and New Beginnings.

    Bravado is about courage and liberation. It speaks to breaking free from people or situations that are controlling, limiting or oppressing you - claiming your personal authority and self-direction. There is also a caution to have the wisdom to know when to give up the fight and not keep fighting just for fighting's sake.

    New Beginnings is about well, new beginnings! It is about initiation, creativity and also courage since new beginnings require that something else is brought to a conclusion first. Hence, this is also a message of change. The courage to change the things in your life that are currently leaving you dissatisfied. Have confidence...don't hesitate or play it safe or think, just do. Commit to yourself.



  • Hi WG, Commit to myself is exactly how I'm feeling. I feel like all emotion is leaving and I'm going into my shell (and I'm not a Cancer!!!) I feel at peace w/myself. Part of my problem is w/a man who has alcohol issues. Took a couple days off then spoke w/him again. He seemed calm and ok (not drinking). That is temporary. I think he's out of touch w/reality. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I drew so many cups. My mom has been living w/me since May. She inherited money and house and land and has used up all. She goes thru money like water. I really didn't realize how bad her sit. was until she moved in. She stops in and out of here like it's a resort. I thought she could help w/one bill and she says she can't. I feel the only thing to do is disconnect. Thank you so much. If you could, would you do a spread on my mom. She is flighty and wonder if she's ever going to get real.

  • The two situations are sucking you dry, my dear. The painful truth is that neither one of them is going to change while they have someone around to enable them. You need to cut them both loose for now so you can breathe your life force back into you and so they can go through the changes that are required of them in order for their lives to move forward. It is not up to you to support them right now. Accept the harsh reality that their lives may need to get worse before they get better -- and the getting worse starts with you cutting the apron strings.

    Call upon Archangel Michael as he will give you the strength to do what is needed and can also help you cut the cords.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Thanks, you are such a help. Yes, I do support both. He doesn't live w/me but isn't being responsible. You're right about calling Michael archangel. The other day I said a prayer to the Holy Spirit to come. That evening I was eating on a paper plate. I had the paper plate on my leg and the moisture from the food seeped through onto my pants and formed the image of a dove. It works. It's wierd, I just feel emotionally that someone just flipped the switch off. LOL! You are so gifted--hope you never leave here. Your friend.

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